11 Small Dog Breeds ‘coz Cuteness Comes in Small Packets

Small Dog Breeds are on the rise in popularity because of their adaptability. People living in apartments or compact houses prefer a small dog breed as they occupy less space.

It is better to have a small dog as they are inexpensive to large dogs, ease of transportation, efficient grooming, lesser exercise, and they come off as bolder than many large dogs.

So if you are thinking about adopting a small dog for your apartment, we got you. We have conversed with various owners and came up with a list of small dog breeds best for apartments or compact homes.

Small Dog Breeds that are best for Apartments

a collage of small dog breeds


Pomeranians are the best choice if you are looking for a small guard dog. They are not very friendly with others, and that is why they are perfect for protecting your house. Pomeranians are also an excellent choice as a beginner-friendly pet.


The list of small dog breeds isn’t complete without mentioning Poodles. These cute little fluffballs are friendly, active, and loving. One of the advantages of owning a poodle is that they come under the dog breed that sheds the least.


Though Corgi is a middle-sized dog, they have no problem adjusting to apartment life. Their short legs make it easier to adapt to smaller spaces.


Grace, love, and loyalty run through the veins of a Maltese. They are energetic and obedient, which means training a Maltese is easy. Maltese dogs don’t require a lot of space to play, making them perfect for apartments.


If you want a small dog breed, then go for the one that holds the record of being the smallest dog breed, a Chihuahua. One of the best small dog breeds as they occupy a small amount of space. But don’t let their size fool you because they are protective.


The sausage dog or Dachshund is small but impactful. Many owners say that dachshunds can be a bit aggressive. But with proper training, they are one of the best small dog breeds you can own.

Boston Terrier

With a short tail and a big smile, these goofy dogs will light up your world. Like any other apartment dogs, they don’t need a lot of space. However, Boston Terriers are highly energetic, and you have to take them for long walks.

Bichon Frise

Many small dog breeds are aggressive, but not our beloved Bichon Frise. If you are looking for a small dog with a gentle, playful, and loving attitude, you can go for Bichon Frise. And the bonus point? They look like adorable cotton balls.

Miniature Schnauzer

A small breed dog that sheds the least, a Miniature Schnauzer is the best of both worlds. Though Miniature Schnauzers are friendly, they might bark a lot if they don’t receive proper exercise.


A small dog that doesn’t bark is that even possible?
Yes, it is because Papillons are small and sweet dogs that you need in your life. Papillons are easy to train, loving, cuddly, and most importantly, they have control over their mouth.

Shih Poo

Crossbreed dogs are rising in demand because of their adaptable nature. Shih Poo takes their characteristics from the parents Shih Tzu and Poodle. Both Shih Tzu and Poodle are excellent small dog breeds, and so is our Shih Poo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a small dog be a guard dog?

Yes, you can keep a small dog breed as a guard dog. Though small dogs are bold and protective, they are still small. They might provide you protection, but they might not be as efficient as a large guard dog.

What is small dog syndrome?

Most of the small dogs show a behavioral pattern like being aggressive, barking, jumping to cuddle, and so on. This collective behavior that is common in small dogs is known as small dog syndrome.

Are small dogs better than large dogs?

If you compare aspects of cost and space, small dogs are better. However, most of the small dogs are aggressive towards people.

Can small dogs be friends with small animals?

Yes, small dogs and small animals can be friends. But make sure you are present when you introduce them.

Though small dog breed dogs are best for apartments, kindly make sure you care for your pets. Dogs require commitment and love from their owners. Hence, kindly make sure you adopt a pet only when you’re ready.