7 Beginner Friendly Pets That are Low Maintenance

We all love having a pet around at home and playing with them; it’s like having a family member. But sometimes, pet owners bring pets that they can’t handle because they don’t have any prior experience. Though many new pet owners ace at being amazing pet parents, others face a crisis. But, we have to start somewhere. Hence, we have compiled a list of beginner-friendly pets. The beginner-friendly pets unite all the pets you can own as a beginner without facing any issues.

Beginner Friendly Pets you can own

Beginner Friendly Pets That are Low Maintenance


The most popular beginner-friendly pet are fishes. They have earned that reputation because you don’t have to cut out your expenses or whack your head while caring for a pet fish. All they need is fish food and a clean aquarium! It won’t cost you much to keep your fish happy, and it is also great for small children.


You would be lying if you said that these hopping bunnies don’t melt your hearts. Rabbits are vegan, and their diet is pretty simple.
Rabbits won’t make much noise, but they love playing with their owners. Rabbits don’t require a regular bath, and you don’t have to look after them all the time. Hence, rabbits are one of the perfect beginner-friendly pets to own.


Though many wouldn’t consider a dog for beginners, they are intelligent creatures who can be great pets.
Some dogs like Labradors, Beagle, Golden Retriever, Poodle are the best choice for beginners. If you like dogs and can commit to them, they are perfect for you.


Finches are small birds that you can keep at your home with ease. They don’t occupy too much space in your house. You can keep two finches or more if you want, but be sure to keep them in pairs.
Caring for Finches is not a Herculean task, but make sure you shower them with a lot of love.


If you want a small pet for yourself, hamsters can be a perfect choice. Hamsters don’t require too much care and are also kid-friendly pets.
And the best part? You can leave them for long hours with enough water and food, and they will survive. You can also leave them with someone as they can live anywhere.


Yes, you heard that right, rats. Rats as pets are low-maintenance pets and very cost-effective. The only thing you have to do is clean their cage from time to time, and that’s it. Rats are one of the best beginner-friendly pets for working people.


If you are a fan of reptiles, Gecko can be the perfect choice for you as a beginner. Geckos as pets are friendly, playful, and social. And trust us, you can’t get enough of their cute eyes.

Can my first pet be a dog?

You can own a dog as your first pet. However, many pet parents recommend that you should be ready for the change a dog will bring in your life.

Are parrots beginner friendly pets?

Though parrots are a popular pet, you might face some issues having a pet parrot. Many owners complain that parrots are too loud and often throw tantrums. However, if you train them, you and your parrot will be friends in no time.

Can I own a dog with children in the house?

Yes, many dogs are very kind and protective of the children in the house. You can keep a Labrador or a Golden Retriever as they are friendly and gentle towards kids.

Should I get pet insurance for my dog?

You can get pet insurance for your dog as it’ll help you save hospital bills and cover up expenses.

Pets are a commitment, no matter how easy it is to care for them. Be sure that you are ready before you bring home another life with you.
And if you are ready, then be prepared to get loads of love from these pets.