5 Best Guard Dogs to have as pets

It is a common notion that most people keep dogs to guard their house. In ancient times, people used dogs to watch their wealth and protect them from danger. Times have changed, but the loyalty of a dog is unhinged. The nature of a dog is to look after their family and provide them with unconditional love. Though every dog has a protective instinct, some of them make up the best guard dogs. However, owning a guard dog means meeting their exercising needs. So if you are ready for the commitment to own one, we have the right list for you. We have curated some of the best guard dogs in the world so that you can select one at your convenience. 

5 Best Guard Dogs to have as pets

Best Guard Dogs you can have as pets

German shepherd dog:

German Shepherd Guard Dog

German shepherds are medium to large size breeds that are mostly used for hunting or as service dogs. This breed has proved itself as a compassionate and intelligent companion. German Shepherds are curious and easy to train, make them one of the best guard dogs. The military and police forces throughout the world also deploy them for their immense strength and loyalty. 



This dog comes from feudal Japan, the age of samurais and ninjas when war was a common thing. They bred these dogs to protect the noble families and fight alongside samurais and ninjas. This fact alone is enough for Akitas to be worthy of a guard dog in modern times. Akitas are independent and treat strangers as hostiles, making them excellent guard dogs. 


Dobermann best guard dog

Alertness, confidence, loyalty, Dobermann has everything that you expect from a guard dog. Though they are aggressive towards strangers, if you train them well, they can socialize with people. Dobermanns are not for beginners as they can be a bit tough to handle. 


boxer best guard dog

Originating from Germany, the name speaks for the dog itself. They might seem playful and friendly around kids and their family members, but they are the exact opposite to a stranger. Boxer dogs make their place in the best guard dogs because of their calm nature. That means they won’t show aggression to their family members or the kids. If you are a beginner, then a Boxer dog can prove to be the best guard dog for you. 


Rottweiler best guard dog

Rottweilers are territorial, loyal, and attached to their owners. Rottweilers can get jealous if someone else is getting more attention than them. So be sure you shower them with love and affection. Rottweilers can make an exceptional guard dog with people living in apartments as they rarely bark. But kindly keep in mind that though they don’t bark, they are quite dangerous. 

Now that you know about the best guard dogs, you should also be ready for the responsibility. Guard dogs are loyal to their last breath and would even take a bullet for you. But they not always grave and stern. When you live with a guard dog, you will realize that they have a goofy side as well. We are sure that if you decide to adopt one of these dogs, you will be making the best decision of your life.