Miles With Pets

Welcome to Miles With Pets! Explore the beautiful, exotic, cuddly, friendly, frolicky world of pets with us. We are a group of Pet lovers who love to read, write, explore, research, and know all about pets. And, of course, share it with you guys!

When we started this journey we were just three friends on a journey to express our love for pets. Eventually, we found like-minded people who shared a similar love for pets like us.

When they came on board, we started learning new things. We got to know about exotic pets. We realized the diversity that exists in the pet community. We understood how different people like different pets based on their unique personalities.

That is how Miles with Pets started talking about Unique Pet Breads. We moved beyond the usual and that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our friends and team members who gave in so many hours to research and write about such unique, uncommon, and exotic pets.

Besides that, we try to make your and your pet’s life easier by uncovering every aspect of owning a pet. I am a pet owner. And I know how much of a responsibility it is to own a pet.

Therefore at Miles with Pets, we try and take help from personal experiences.

Lastly, the prime reason behind this blog is to make you guys aware of pets.

As a new pet owner, I know how scary and jumpy things can be. When I got my baby Zoey – my young 35 days Golden Retriever – I would call up the doctor at 11 in the night and then again at 7 in the morning.

I would ask him every little thing because I was wary about general information on the Internet. That is how I realized that most of the content out there on the Internet is just “General”. It doesn’t cover actual problems and all it does is provide “general solutions”.

Well, I am certainly no Vet, but I can tell you from my experience of owning a pet that “General Solutions” are not the answer. You need to dig deep. And, at that moment when your pet needs your attention, the last thing you want to do is research for hours.

You need quick solutions and instant answers. Therefore, When we write a blog post, we make sure that there is nothing left out. We cover minute details so that you can learn all that you need to learn in one single go.

After all, the only thing that we want is a healthy, hearty, happy life for you and your pet.


I would like to make it clear here that my intention is not to sell or lure you into any kind of purchase. This is a purely educational website/blogging website where I share blogs only for content creation/educational purposes.