12 Cool Facts About Corgi

If you are a huge fan of Brooklyn 99, you probably know about the smartness of a Corgi. Pembroke Welsh Corgi, or simply Corgi, has started gaining the spotlight for their extraordinary personalities. Since caring for dogs is a tedious task, many owners can’t own up to the responsibility. However, the breed Corgi is a problem solver for every pet owner as they are an easygoing pet to have around. Though a Corgi is an uncomplicated pet, you should be aware of some of the facts about Corgi. 

The facts about Corgi will give you a fun insight into the lives of this pet. So we have listed some facts about Corgi so that you can be a wonderful pet parent to these furbabies. 

Cool Facts About Corgi

Cool facts about Corgi as a pet

#1 Our dwarf friend: 

The Word Corgi literally means Dwarf. The name well suits a Corgi as they have a short height with tiny legs.  

#2 Smarter than you think: 

Though Corgis have a small body, they are quite intelligent. From a young age, Corgis start picking up commands and following orders.

#3 Trainable: 

Home training a dog can be a hectic task, but not with a Corgi. Corgis pick up commands even before you start formal training with them. 

#4 Never Tired: 

After talking to some owners who already have a Corgi as a pet, we got to know that they rarely get tired. They can play all day and still won’t get tired. So if you can’t give enough playtime to your pet, we recommend you not to adopt a Corgi. 

#5 They shed a lot:

What we mean by the term ‘a lot’ is that they shed more than you think. You have to groom them daily to keep them away from any infected fleas and your sofas clean. 

#6 Home Alone: 

If you have hours of work and still want a pet dog, Corgi is the best option for you. Corgis can be left alone for up to 9 hours at home. 

#7 Your hiking buddy: 

If you love hiking or long walks, Corgis can be your best friend. As we mentioned earlier, Corgis rarely get tired, making them an ideal traveling companion

#8 Low-maintenance Dogs:

Cool Facts About Corgi

Though Corgis love attention, they are not destructive for attention. You will rarely see a Corgi being all moody. 

#9 They bark a lot:

One of the downsides of owning a Corgi is that they bark a lot. Sometimes you might also witness them barking for no reason at all.

#10 Handle Temperature Fluctuations: 

Nothing is too hot or too cold for a Corgi. They can play in the snow as well as in hot scorching weather. Nevertheless, you have to protect them from harsh weather so that they don’t get sick. 

#11 Sociable with other pets:

If you have other pets at home, you don’t have to worry about a Corgi getting along with them. Though Corgis are protective, they are also friendly with other animals. 

#12 Service Dogs:

Since Corgis are intelligent, easy to train, loyal, and protective, they make exceptional service dogs. And the fact that Corgis are beginner-friendly is the icing on the cake. 

We are sure that after reading these facts about Corgi, you can’t resist adopting one. After all, how can anyone resist these small cuties? So, don’t wait for a miracle to happen and adopt a Corgi for your home.