Facts to know about Green Iguana as pets before owning them

A big nature lover, and one of the fastest reptile, Green Iguana as pets can turn your home into a garden of flowers. Green Iguanas originally belong to Florida, but due to their memory power and emotional attachment towards people, they prove to be affectionate pets. So if you are deciding to get a Green Iguana as a pet, then you’re at ease!

Green Iguana in the woods

Are Green Iguana good as pets?

Green Iguana as pets is great to have around as they are smart, affectionate, and have appreciable memory power. They won’t cause you much trouble as they learn their way around the owners in a short span of time.

Does Green Iguana bite?

Green Iguana as a pet will rarely bite you. They are affectionate reptiles and won’t bite their owners at all. However, they can bite you if they think you can harm them in any way.

Can an Iguana kill a human?

No, Iguanas are known for their peaceful nature and can never harm a human being. Iguanas rarely show any sign of aggression or try to harm anyone in any way.

Can a Green Iguana develop a new tail?

Green Iguanas can detach their tail when they feel that there’s danger. And like any other member of the lizard family, Green Iguana can develop their tail after losing it.

Facts about Green Iguana as Pets

Man holding Green Iguana in his hand

The body of a Green Iguana cannot produce Vitamin D:

Green Iguana should have a lighting source in their vivarium because their body cannot produce Vitamin D as they are mainly dependent on sunlight. However, it is not possible to expose them to direct sunlight always. Hence, you should install UVA or UVB lights in their vivarium.

Green Iguanas are herbivores, and their diet should include both plants and meats:

One of the basic fact many owners tend to ignore Green Iguanas as pets are that they are herbivores. They require veggies and not meat or insects. For any reptiles, you may have to store your feeder insects in a separate cage. But in this case, of a Green Iguana, they can rely on veggies.

Green Iguanas can grow up to 6 feet:

If you are adopting a Green Iguana because you think they are small and cute, you are about to get a surprise. Green Iguanas may appear tiny when they are young, but they grow up to 6 feet! And as they grow, their appetite will increase. So make sure you prepare your household accordingly.

The room should be humid enough for a Green Iguana:

Green Iguanas originally belong to a humid climate and will need the same to survive in captivity. 90% humidity is rate is essential for the survival of a pet Green Iguana.

Check whether you are allowed to own a Green Iguana in your country:

Many countries don’t allow you to own a Green Iguana as a pet. So we advise you to check whether you can legally adopt a green iguana or not. You can’t keep a Green Iguana if you belong to New York or Brazil, so it’s better to know your rights before owning them.

Green Iguanas as pets are one of the best companions you can get. However, you will need to commit to these lizards so that they remain healthy. Many owners can’t take up the responsibility and abandon their Green Iguana after some time. Hence, we advise you to be ready before welcoming one to your home.