Beginners Guide on how to take care of a Chinese Water Dragon

Calm, composed, and originally from China, the Chinese Water Dragon is the most delightful pet reptile that can fill your home with happiness. If you have a Chinese Water dragon as a pet or you are thinking about adopting one, then you should know how to care for a Chinese Water Dragon. Since not many people know about caring for a Water Dragon, these little Reptiles end up having bad health or a short life span as a pet. But, you can stop worrying because we have the solution for you right here. After talking to our experts, we present you with the FAQs and everything you need to know to care for a Chinese Water Dragon as a pet.

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Do Chinese Water Dragons sleep a lot?

Chinese Water Dragons, like any other Reptiles, love sleeping. They are active too, but the majority of the time they will spend sleeping

Can my Chinese Water Dragon get lonely?

Though many pet owners may prefer keeping their Chinese Water Dragon alone, the fact is, your Water Dragon can get lonely. It is advisable if you get a pair of the opposite gender.

How often do Water Dragons Eat?

It may come as a surprise, but many Water Dragons don’t eat regularly. Every other Water Dragon has a different appetite. Some may eat twice every day, and some may eat thrice in a week.

A guide on how to take care of a Chinese Water dragon

  • Your Chinese water Dragon will need a large vivarium

Though Chinese Water Dragons look small, they require a large vivarium. The reason being, Chinese Water Dragons have a habit of exploring and roaming in the wild, and they hate closed spaces. Hence, to avoid hampering your pet’s health, you should get a large vivarium. It might cost you more, but it’s worth the money.

  • A small pool for your Pet inside their Vivariums

Chinese Water Dragons need a good amount of water in their vivarium as they like being beside a pool of water. They will use it to submerge their body and play by their side. So it’s essential that you put the water and change it daily.

  • You will need a separate tank for the feeder insects

Many pet parents don’t know this and hence are not prepared for a feeder tank. But it is essential that you have a feeder tank where your feeder insects can live and eat before you feed them to your Chinese Water Dragon. It is crucial for your pet’s health as you can’t give them stale insects as food because that can affect their health.

  • A Water Dragon will require substrate in their vivariums

A Substrate allows your pet to have a private space, playing ground, a safe place and increases the overall humidity since Water Dragons prefer a humid climate. You can get some moss or husk of a Coconut. Anything that won’t harm your pet can be a perfect substrate.

So, this is all about how to take care of a Chinese Water Dragon. Water Dragons are compassionate pets, and once you know how to care for them, you will have a great time. Remember that like any other pet, you Water Dragons will also need your love and affection. And since Water Dragons are social beings, they will love being around your friends too. So, we hope that you are all set to care for your pet Water Dragon and have a great time bonding with them.