Facts you never knew about Whiptails as pets

Energetic, fast as furious, and clever; Whiptails as pets are the lizards you always wanted to keep. Many do not prefer keeping Whiptails as pets because they are hard to handle and troublesome for many beginners. However, if you have experience supervising a pet reptile at home, then no one can stop you from welcoming a Whiptail as a pet. So if you are planning to adopt one of these babies, you will need some facts about Whiptales to prepare yourself and your home. Hence, after talking to some experts, we bring you some FAQs and exclusive facts about Whiptails as pets.

Word of mouth by our experts:

Is Whiptales good for beginners?

If you are a beginner and don’t have any experience of caring for a Whiptail, then it is advisable that you do not adopt one as they are sometimes hard to manage.

Do Whiptails bite?

Whiptails do bite when they are annoyed or frightened. Unlike other reptiles, they are not very gentle with their owners and will bite if they are moody.

Do Whiptails love their owners?

Whiptails are famous for their non-existent emotions. Though some of them might show attachment to their owners, the majority of Whipatils seem unaffected.

Facts about Whiptails as Pets

They are fast runners

One of the things you need to keep in mind before getting a Whiptail as a pet is that they are fast runners. As an owner, you should never underestimate the speed of your Whiptail because they will be gone in a blink. So be careful while handling them or leaving them alone as they might run away.

Your Whiptail will notice and be aware of even the smallest sound

Whiptails are attentive to every sound, and they get startled by the smallest sound. You will notice them lifting their head up in a panic after hearing a suspicious or unknown sound. They even become conscious of the footsteps and knocks on the door. Make sure you don’t make loud noises as your Whiptail might get afraid and nervous.

A Whiptail will require a lot of basking time

Mostly all the reptiles love basking in the heat. But the love of basking in the case of a Whiptail is more than the other lizards. If you can’t place their tank in sunlight every day, then you have to install a heat lamp for your pet Whiptail.

Whiptails take some time bonding with their owners

It requires a lot of time and effort to bond with a pet Whiptail. They don’t trust anyone easily and recognize everything and everyone as a threat. They will crawl at the side or try to hide, which makes it difficult to handle them. If you are thinking of adopting a Whiptail as a pet, then we request you to be patient with them.

They don’t have a long life

Even though you take great care of your Whiptail, they won’t live a long life. A perfectly healthy Whiptail will live up to 4 years or 5 in some cases.

Though pet Whiptails can be a reptile that is hard to handle, all they need is someone who can understand them. You can learn a lot about the reptile kingdom while caring for a Whiptail. And, they might not be able to tell you, but they eventually grow fond of their owners. So add some adventure and hard work being a pet parent and adopt a pet Whiptail.