A Complete Guide to Caring for Green Iguana as a Pet

Have you ever wanted a pet reptile who can eat veggies instead of insects and meat? Well, mostly all the reptiles you can keep as pets either feed on insects or frozen live meat. However, Nature works wonders sometimes, and a Green Iguana is one such example. So if you are planning to adopt one, then you have got to know how to care for a Green Iguana. Caring for a Green Iguana as a Pet is a LOT of fun and entertaining. If you own a Green Iguana or are planning to own one, then these tips are gonna work wonders for you! You should also know about these Facts about Owning a Green Iguana as a Pet.

So, we talked to some pet parents and experts to bring you some FAQs and a guide to caring for Green Iguanas as pets!

caring for Green Iguana

Is it normal for my Green Iguana to turn brown?

If your Green Iguana is turning brown, then kindle increase the room temperature as your pet might be feeling cold. If the color changes to a darker shade, immediately contact an expert.

Can veterinary doctors of dogs and cats diagnose a Green Iguana?

You will need to consult an exotic veterinary doctor who specializes in diagnosing retiles.

What is the ideal temperature for a Green Iguana?

Green Iguanas originally belong to a climate where the temperature is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. So, to feel comfortable and to survive in captivity, Green Iguanas will need temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit in their vivariums and a spot where the temperature should be 100 degrees Fahrenheit

Tips and Tricks that can help you care for a Green Iguana as a Pet

Never feed meat to your Green Iguanas

Since many new owners are not aware, Green Iguanas are herbivore reptiles and will only eat veggies or plants. Even if they eat meat, it can damage their kidney that can result in their early demise. Hence, you should strictly prohibit the consumption of meat for your Iguanas.

You will need to mist a baby Iguana multiple times in a week

A baby Iguana needs a lot of attention as they are not mature enough to understand the basic functions of urinating and drinking water. Though they are quick learners, you still have to pay attention to them. Kindly make sure you mist them at least thrice times a week so that they don’t get dehydrated.

In some cases, you may also need to dedicate an entire room to your Green Iguanas

When Iguanas are young, they seem small enough to fit in a vivarium. However, Iguanas grow up to a length of 6 feet, and a tiny vivarium might not be sufficient for them. In many cases, pet owners have suggested dedicating an entire room to their Iguanas so that they don’t feel trapped in an area.

Make sure you learn to handle them in order to care for your Iguanas

Iguanas are not an easy reptile to handle. Though Iguanas are calm, they can be destructive when they feel threatened. If you mishandle them, Green Iguanas can also detach their tail that can hurt you and your pet. So make sure you are prepared to Handle a Green Iguana before owning one.

Green Iguana climbing up the green branches

Green Iguanas are affectionate and intelligent, but they require a lot of care in order to survive. Many countries have banned their citizens to keep an Iguana as a pet because it can endanger the species. So we advise you to check whether you are legally allowed to keep an Iguana as a pet. Nevertheless, if you have one Iguana as a pet, we are sure that your house will seem greener than before. So be ready for some fun time and some responsibility that will come with Iguana as pets.