Facts and Tips to know before keeping Conures as pets

Belonging to the Parrot family, Conure as pets, are cuddly, cute, and has a bit of childish gleam. Conure as pets is one of the first choices of every beginner who loves birds but also want a small bird that is easy to handle. Conure as pets are easy to adopt, and if you desire to purchase one, they won’t cost you a fortune. So if you are thinking about welcoming a Conure at your humble home, then you have come across the right page. After gaining some insights from experts, we bring you some FAQs and some Facts about Conure as pets so that you know the bird you will be embracing at your home.

Word of Mouth by our experts:

Is Conure a great pet?

Conures are one of the best pet bird you can have at your home. They learn things quickly, and it is easy to train them. Conures are also very loyal and affectionate towards their owners.

Do Conures bite?

Conures can bite while playing with you or when they feel scared. But you can train them to stop the habit of biting people. Moreover, their bites won’t cause you much pain.

How long do Conures live?

If you take proper care and give them enough attention, Conures can live up to 30 years.

Facts about Conures as Pets

Conures as pets are very cuddly and loving:

If you want to get a pet bird that can cuddle with you and give you cheek kisses, then Conures as pets are what you’re looking for as a companion. They shower their owners with loads of affection and hugs.

Conures can be very loud and annoying when they do not receive enough attention:

Conures love attention! And let us warn you that they require a lot of attention. If you don’t give them enough time, your Conure will shout and scream until you notice them. Conure as pets are great, but their attention-seeking habit can be a bit disturbing.

Conures don’t require a large cage:

Conure cage size needn’t be great as they are comfortable in a medium cage setup as well. Conures don’t have a habit of flying around their coop. So if you want a bird whose cage is easy to maintain, conures as pets can be the best option for you.

They love playing with their owners:

Conures are social creatures and love being around their owners. They enjoy playing and spending time with their owners once they develop a bond. However, if you won’t play with them, they might feel anxious and depressed. So it is advisable to get these pets only when you are ready for commitment.

Conures require toys inside their cage:

Toys for Conures is an essential commodity if you have Conures at your home. Conures have a habit of biting everything, and this is why you need to get them toys to play with and distract their mind while you are busy.

Conures as pets can be a part of your family once they develop a bond with you. They will behave like one of your children and sometimes throw tantrums. Be aware of their cute face because they can blackmail you into getting their favorite treat, and believe us, you can never refuse a Conure. And be ready for some cuddle sessions.