Caring for pet Conures made easy

Caring for Conures as pets is one of the most effortless tasks for a pet parent as these birds are smart enough to learn things quickly. Though it is easy to care for a Conure, many pet parents are misinformed about the care tips for Conures. Essentially, this happens because many owners don’t know the difference between a Conure and a large parrot. Not that it’s their fault, many breeders deceive them for money as Parrots costs more than Conures. Nevertheless, it is essential that you, as a responsible pet parent, know how to care for your pet Conure. And since you are here, we bring you some FAQs and tips on how to care for your pet Conures, right from the expert’s point of view.

Word of Mouth by our Experts

Are Conures low maintenance?

Conures can survive any condition and don’t pose many demands before their owners. You don’t have to pay attention to them all day long as they can take care o themselves.

What temperature is ideal for Conures?

It is better for your Conure’s health that you don’t expose them to fluctuations in temperature. They can handle cold climates, but it is best that you keep them at around 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do I know if my Conure is cold?

Conures will puff up their feathers when they are feeling too cold. It is nothing to worry about as it is their coping mechanism to survive extreme cold.

How to effectively take care of your pet Conure

Learn how to hold and handle your Conure:

One thing a pet parent often ignores is the perfect trick on how to handle a conure. If you are a beginner, kindly visit and expert and ask them to demonstrate to you so that you don’t hurt your pet. Incorrect handling of Conures can cause injury and anxiety among these birds.

Proper trimming of wings is essential for the safety of your pet Conures:

Many Conures hurt themselves in order to fly around the house and discover new things. Hence, to protect your Conures from future injuries, make sure you trim their feathers once in a while. It is advisable that you go to an expert to get it done so as to avoid any mishappenings.

Make sure you give them enough time to play and exercise:

Conures love playing around the house, and it is also essential for their overall health. Give them enough time out from their cage, and make sure you pet-proof your place before setting them off their coop. You should also fill your room and their cage with numerous toys for Conures.

Take care of their diet so that your Conures live a long life:

Conure diet should include fruits, bird seeds, vegetables, and pellets.

They can also eat rice as a treat once a month. Make sure you don’t overfeed them and give them fresh food.

Fruits like grapes, melons, apples, bananas are safe for Conures. And veggies like beans, peas, carrots are loved by Conures.

Conures are unique creatures to have around at home. They are loyal, and if you take care of them, they will stick around for most of your life. So if you are planning to get a Conure as a pet, make sure you are ready to care for them as well. We hope that you and your Conure have some fun time together.