Facts you Need to know About Cockatoos as Pets

Behold the beauty of nature! If you think that birds can’t get any prettier, let us introduce you to the beauty icon themselves, the cockatoos. Here are some Facts you Need to know About Cockatoos as Pets.

With the scientific name Cacatuidae, Cockatoos is one of the many species of the parrot family. However, Cockatoos as pets are way different than parrots or any other birds as pets. So, if you can’t get enough of nature’s beauty, you should get Cockatoos as pets. And hey, don’t worry, we will cover up the FAQs and everything you need to know about Cockatoos as pets so that you don’t have to do the hard work.

Are Cockatoos and Parrots the same?

Though Cockatoos and parrots belong to the same family, they both are different breeds. And even though they belong to the same family, they have opposite personalities.

Are Cockatoos good pets?

Cockatoos as pets are cuddly, lovable, and they grow fond of their owners pretty soon. They love playing and spending time with their owners.

Are Cockatoos aggressive?

Usually, Cockatoos is calm and peaceful. However, they might get aggressive if they are anxious or scared.

Cockatoo sitting on a hand

Everything you need to know about Cockatoos as Pets

  • Cockatoos have personality:

Unlike any other birds, cockatoos have a personality of their own. If you treat them right, cockatoos will be affectionate with you. They will want to cuddle you or chirp for some love. However, if someone mistreats them, cockatoos can become anxious and loud.

  • Cockatoos need a lot of care, attention, and time:

It is essential that you give your cockatoos a lot of love and attention. They are loveable creatures, but they require enough love from their pet parents. If you don’t give them enough attention, they might either get aggressive or depressed.

  • It is advisable to keep only one cockatoo at your home:

Cockatoos can be aggressive with other birds, so it is best if you house only one cockatoo. If you want to keep more than one cockatoo, make sure that you keep them in separate cages, with a fixed playtime together. Make sure when they are together for a particular time, they don’t fight or bite each other.

  • Cockatoos love watching television and listening to good music:

If you don’t have time for your cockatoo, let them enjoy some television. If you put on some music, you might also notice your cockatoo grooving to the tune. Music and television are some of the best entertainment solutions if you are busy with some work.

  • You have to provide some chew toys to your cockatoo:

Cockatoos love biting at random chewable things. A cockatoo chew toy will help your cockatoo to reduce the habit of chewing random things like wires and cables. If you don’t provide them with a chew toy, your cockatoo will develop a bad habit of chewing things and biting people. Hence, to avoid such mishappening, we suggest you purchase a handful of cockatoo chew toys.

Collage of pet cockatoos

Cockatoos are more than a pretty bird with a beautiful face, they have a lovable personality, and that’s what makes them great pets. If you are a bird lover, cockatoo as a pet will be your best bet as they love snuggles and cuddles. You can also binge-watch your favorite series or dance to some good music! So if you are planning to get a cockatoo as a pet, we are sure you are going to have an amazing partner for all your movie dates, a cockatoo.