Care for your Cockatoo like a Pro

Are you wondering how to care for your Cockatoo? Then, you are on the right page! Cockatoos belong to the family of parrots but somehow are entirely opposite of a parrot in many ways. It is easy to care for a Cockatoo when you know the right things and steps, and that is where we come to the picture. We bring you some FAQs and some expert insight on how to care for your Cockatoo.

How long will my Cockatoo live?

Cockatoos live a long healthy life, more than any other species of birds. If you take good care of them, cockatoos can live up to sixty years.

How do I entertain my Cockatoo?

Cockatoos love playing and watching television. Purchase some chew toys for your Cockatoo to keep them busy. You can also put on TV for your Cockatoo or some good music.

Do Cockatoos scream?

Ys, Cockatoos scream. In fact, screaming is a way of communication for them. If you train them, their screams won’t bother you. Cockatoos can also modulate their volume if you train them.

Cockatoo sitting on a branch with tree in the background

Tips on how to care for your Cockatoo like a Pro

  • Your Cockatoo will require a large cage as they grow in size

Cockatoos require a cage that will be big enough for them to spread their wings. You will need a cage that is double the size of your Cockatoo so that they don’t feel suffocated in their home.

  • Your Cockatoo will need proper exercise to remain healthy

To care for your pet Cockatoo, you will need to make sure that they exercise or have enough activity to keep their metabolism up.

Purchase toys for Cockatoos like a ladder, ropes, and other climbing toys. You can also set them free in a room after pet-proofing them so they can run and fly a little.

  • They will need some chew toys to get rid of their habit of chewing

As a pet parent, you will face a lot of problems with your Cockatoo’s chewing habit. They might also chew things that are bad for their beak and hurt themselves. So, you have to make sure that you bring a chew toy for your Cockatoo.

  • Make sure you pet-proof your room before setting your Cockatoo out of their cage

As we said in the previous point, Cockatoos have a habit of biting everything they find interesting. So, there is a chance they might chew cables and wires that can hurt them or your house. Kindly make sure you put away all the cables, switch off the fan, close the door and windows, remove something that can hurt your Cockatoo, and then set them free. Also, make sure you don’t leave them unattended. They might create havoc in your absence or hurt themselves.

Collage of cockatoo with text in the middle

These are some points that can help you to take care of your Cockatoos. However, if you see that your Cockatoo is not healthy, then please visit a doctor or contact an expert. Kindly do not try to diagnose your Cockatoo without any help, you may ruin their health. Nevertheless, Cockatoos are quite hardy and won’t fall victim to any weather change or anything else, so you don’t have to worry about it. Once you bring in your Cockatoo at your humble home, you will unlock a whole new level of entertainment.