8 Ways to make your Dog Instagram Famous

If you own a pet dog but have not made their social media account, then you are missing out on a lot of fun. We have all seen cute dog videos all across Instagram. It is like, social media is a hub of dog videos. And let’s be honest, we all love seeing these videos. Whether it’s a guard dog being cute or a cute dog being scary, we have scrolled it all. But it is not a piece of cake to make your dog famous on Instagram. Hence, we are listing some methods that can help you to make your dog famous on Instagram.

Ways to make your Dog Instagram Famous

Do Instagram famous dogs make money?

Even though Instagram won’t pay you for making videos, you can make money through sponsored posts. So, if your dog gets a sponsored post, they will make money.

What dog breed is the most famous on Instagram?

The breed of your dog doesn’t matter. The way you present your dog videos on Instagram attracts the audience.

Do dogs like being on camera?

Some dogs might like it, but others might hate it. We have instances when dogs run away when they see a camera and other examples where dogs pose.


Tips to make your dog famous on Instagram

Quality photos and videos

Using quality photos is essential to attract an audience. If the photo quality is low or distorted, chances are, your audience will skip past that.

Think out of the box

Let’s be honest there are thousands of creators on the app feeding the audience a daily dose of dog content. Hence, you need to stand out and give your audience content that is worth following.

Rise with Reels

Instagram reels are a great way to reach your target audience. The more reels you post, the more you get discovered. Use reel features, trending songs, and anything that seems attractive. Sometimes a simple video can also do well with the help of reels.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags works like magic. If you use the correct hashtags, your dog will be famous on Instagram in no time.
Kindly use 30 hashtags that are related to your video or your page. Using small hashtags that have less than a million videos is appropriate for small accounts.

Show up every day

The audience likes to see entertaining videos every day. Now, we know that it might get a little exhausting to shoot every day and post. However, you can batch your videos and photos on a single day and use them for the whole week. That way, you will get time to plan your content.

Plan your content

There are catchy videos, goofy videos, funny videos, and genres of videos. In order to get creative, you need to plan your content. It might require some research work where you have to see what is trending and know your audience.

Interaction is the key to success

Interact with your audience so that they are engaged. When the audience engages with your content, it has a higher chance of reaching more people. Engaging them in the comment section or with interactive stories can leave quite a reputation.

Enjoy yourself

It is essential that you enjoy what you are doing. When the audience sees you enjoying the content, your audience will follow up towards your page.


Can my dog recognize me on video calls?

Your dog might recognize your voice through video calls, but not your face.

Why is my dog afraid of the camera?

Your dog is afraid of the camera because they see it as an alien object.


If you want to make your dog famous on Instagram, you have to be consistent and not give up. Think of it as a memory storage unit, where you can post your adventure with your puppy and much more.