A quick guide to know which Labrador color is the smartest

Which color labrador should we adopt, or which labrador color is the smartest? It’s one of the few questions breeders, experts, and adoption centers hear from potential owners adopting labradors as pets. Most people pick up Labradors that seem affectionate or attractive, but some dominant genes link color with smartness. You can find Labradors in yellow, black, silver, or brown in color. Hence, if you want to know which labrador color is the smartest before adopting one, we have got you covered. 

We have listed some points that can help you decide which labrador color is the smartest.  

Black Labradors

  1. Black labradors are more reliable in the training aspect. Most owners give us the insight that black labradors are more focused on training than on treating. 
  2. You might have seen that most of the police labrador dogs are black. It happens because they show more engagement at work rather than playing around. 
  3. The black labradors have a dominant gene. That means almost 44.6% of the Labradors are black. 
  4. Black Labradors are less distracted during work. Many reports suggest that yellow and chocolate labradors are more distracted than black labs. 
  5. Since the black labradors have a dominant gene, they are less likely to be bred illegally. The other Labrador colors have a chance to be reproduced illegally due to the demands of the customer. 
  6. It is safe to say that Black labrador color is the smartest for consistency, loyalty, health, and workplace ethics.

Yellow Labradors


  1. Owners have tipped that yellow Labradors are easy to train mostly because of the love of their food. 
  2. Most yellow Labradors are more empathetic to human emotion than others. Many owners that own both yellow and black labradors have testified for the same. 
  3.  Black Labradors are said to have a bit of aggressive nature, and yellow labradors are more gentle. For the very same reason, yellow labradors are great to help around kids. 
  4. You will find more Yellow Labradors to work as therapy dogs as they are easier to train and meet their demands. 
  5. Yellow Labradors are more friendly than Black Labradors. They seem to make friends with people as they are more social than the other colors. 
  6. Looking at these points, we can say that Yellow Labrador is the smartest if you want a more gentle, friendly, empathetic, and easy train dog. 

Chocolate Labradors: 

  1. Chocolate Labradors makes one of the perfect family dogs of all breeds. 
  2. You may find that Chocolate Labradors are better at playing and exercising if you compare them to Black or Yellow Labradors. 
  3. Many owners suggest that Chocolate Labradors have a great sniffing energy. They can almost find anything with their sniff power. 
  4. Unlike Yellow Labradors, Chocolate Labradors are energetic. Yellow Labradors are said to be lazy, and Chocolate Labradors, opposite. 
  5.  Though all Labradors love pleasing, Chocolate Labradors share a higher interest in pleasing their owners. Hence, this quality qualifies them being a great family dogs. 
  6. After reading these points about our chocolate friend, we are sure you can figure out that Chocolate color labradors aren’t the smartest labradors to walk. 

Though we have listed all these points, we think it is clear which labrador color is the smartest. You should know that most of the qualities of Labrador also depends on their owners. Black, yellow, and chocolate have their perks. But it is advisable not to judge a book by its cover. If you are adopting a labrador, we are sure they will be the smartest for you. After all, Labradors love pleasing their owners.