12 Tips for Labrador Puppy training at home – First month at Home

The first thing that a pet owner has to adjust to is training habits. It is essential to train your pet after a few days, especially your pet labrador. Labrador puppy training at home is a crucial component that molds their behavioral pattern for the rest of their lives. Labradors as pets are notorious, funny, kiddish, and playful. However, you should train them to urinate at the required place, behave a certain way, and be less destructive. You have to ensure that they receive this basic training in the first month at home. After talking to some pet trainers and our personal experience, we have compiled up some pointers you can use for your labrador puppy training at home. 

Tips for Labrador Puppy training at home

  1. Prepare some puppy treats as they help your puppy to learn faster than usual. Rewarding them is one of the best ways to train your labrador puppy at home. 
  2. Using positive affirmation for your puppy is an essential part of initial training. When you are training your puppy at home, they are bound to make mistakes. However, please don’t be rude to them for making mistakes. 
  3. You have to repeat the lessons every day so that your puppy can learn. Your puppy won’t grasp a trick in one day. You have to repeat the same training for days until they know what to do. 
  4. A key aspect of labrador puppy training at home is that you have to be patient with your puppy. You have to understand the days they are misbehaving, the days they are not doing well, and some days when they don’t feel like participating in the training process. 
  5. Treat your puppy when they respond. Whenever your puppy accomplishes anything, you should give your puppy a treat. If your labrador aced something big, make them their favorite food. 
  6. It would be helpful for labrador puppy training if you prepare a schedule. Scheduling helps your puppy get ready for the day and learn something. 
  7. Make sure your labrador is familiar with certain words. Words that you use during your training and after that will help them recall everything your puppy learned. 
  8. Applaud for your puppy. We can’t stress enough how imperative applause is when you are puppy training. Though treats are equally important when you applaud for them, your puppy will become very happy. 
  9. Labradors as pets love impressing their owners. So, during labrador puppy training at home, act impressed even when they achieve something minute. 
  10. Correct your puppy if they do something wrong. Many owners don’t correct a mistake while puppy training their Labradors. However, kindly review them on the spot. If they are doing it wrong, show your puppy the right way to do it. 
  11. Kindly do not punish your puppy for any incorrect behavior, especially while housetraining your puppy. When you are too strict while training, your puppy will get scared and won’t learn anything.
  12. Give your puppy some breaks from the training. Your puppy will enjoy the day off without being told what to do and what not to. Let them do what they want without telling them, and you will notice that your puppy has learned a great deal since you first started.