Should you be Cleaning Dog’s Ears? A thorough guide

Should you clean your Dog’s ears? The answer is Yes! You must clean your Dog’s Ears and if you are nervous that your Dog will get annoyed or shall cry out in Pain if you clean his Ears, then you should get help from your Vet. However, cleaning Dog’s Ears is of utmost important.

Since they keep going outside many Parasites from grasses or Flowers or sometimes Yeasts infects his Ears. So, you must clean your Dog’s Ears. Here are detailed steps you can follow to clean your Dog’s Ears.

Which Dog Breeds Need special ear care?       

Dog breeds with Floppy Ears such as Poodle or Spaniel or Bichons Frises needs extra care of their ears. They have their Ears hanging down and covered, so it traps a lot of infections and moisture. Moreover some breeds also have hair growing inside the Ear canal. This too causes mites and other allergies to grow there.

Dog Breeds Need special ear care

How do you know when you need to clean your Dog’s Ears?

When your Dog’s Ears smell foul, you must clean his Ears. If you are unable to do it you should get help from your Vet. If your Dog has inflamed Ear of Itchy Ears, it’s time to see a Vet immediately.

Clean your Dog’s Ears

Cleaning Dog’s Ears at Home

Yes! You can clean your Dog’s Ears at home.

  • You can start by applying some Ear cleaners on a cotton ball and slowly clean the outside of the Ear.
  • Squeeze some Vet recommended Ear cleaner into the Ear canal of your Dog. Do not use Q-Tips. You might hurt your Dog or even damage his Eardrum.
  • Next, slowly massage the area below the Ear so that the cleaner goes into the base of the canal. It’s often that you clean the top but the real wax is at the base and just applying cleaners at the top will increase to the gunk at the bottom.
  • Now, gently wipe out the dirt. Let your Dog shake his head and clear out his Ears after you’re done.
  • Now repeat the same steps with the other ear.
  • If at any point you notice a tumor or any foreign particle in your Dog’s Ears or an inflammation, take him to a Vet.

Cleaning Dog’s Ears at Home

So, Cleaning Dog’s Ears is that important and easy as well. However never fail to contact a Vet if you’re scared. But do take good care of your Dog’s Ears. It’s important.