Easy steps you can follow to keep your pet fish healthy

Your pet is a part of your family, and as a pet-parent, it becomes essential to take care of your pet’s element. When you have a pet fish, you need to take extra care while keeping pet fish healthy as they cannot voice out their pain like dogs or cats. If you are looking for ways to keep your pet fish healthy, then you have come to the right place. We have some super easy ways that can help you and your fish lead a healthier life. So jump right into some FAQs and tips for keeping pet fish healthy.

keep your pet fish healthy

What is the average lifespan of a pet fish?

The average lifespan of your fish depends on what breed of fish you have. However, most of the healthy pet fish live up to the age of 10-15 years.

Can my pet fish feel pain?

Yes, if your fish is unhealthy or going through some stress, they will feel pain. However, fishes can’t communicate their discomfort to humans as other pets do.

How will I know that my pet fish is unhealthy?

You have to look for signs like:

  1. Struggling to swim
  2. Your fish not eating the food
  3. Seems to be lethargic
  4. Struggling to breath
  5. An unusual style of swimming

If you see these signs in your fish, contact an expert or a breeder immediately.

Follow these tips to keep your Pet fish Healthy

keep your pet fish healthy

The quality of water should be competent enough for the fishes to stay healthy

Avoid using tap water as most tap waters contain high levels of chlorine that can be harmful to your pet fish. If you are using tap water, then before adding it to the aquarium, leave the water in a clean container for 24 hours.

Ask your breeder to give you medicines that can help in removing toxins from water.

Make sure your fish has enough space to swim across the aquarium and is getting enough exercise

A healthy fish requires an aquarium big enough to allow them to swim freely. Install some toys at your aquarium to make sure your fish don’t face any boredom and have new things to do at the aquarium. Toys also help the fishes have a hiding spot so that they feel comfortable in the aquarium.

Change the aquarium water when necessary

Clean water is essential for the fish to survive in the aquarium. So, you should change the water whenever it seems too dirty. Also, please avoid cleaning your aquarium during winters as it can affect your fish’s health.

When you are changing water, remember to clean the aquarium by scrubbing the walls softly.

Feed your fish regularly but avoid overfeeding them

In order to keep your fish healthy, remember to give them food daily at a particular schedule.

Ask your breeder about your fish’s feeding habits, and schedule and give them food according to that schedule.

Make sure all your fishes in the aquarium eat the food you give them.

Regularly clean the water filter in the aquarium

The aquarium water filter is an essential part of your aquarium that helps the water remain clean. If you have an aquarium water filter, remember to clean it thrice a month so that it can work efficiently.

Follow these steps to ensure that your fish is healthy and lives a long life. Kindly check our other article where we talk about Common Mistakes while caring for fishes so that you can avoid these mistakes and keep your fishes healthy. We hope that your fish lives a long and healthy life, and if you spot any unhealthy fish, don’t hesitate to call an expert.