What you need to Add to Your Dog First Aid Kit

Your dog could find himself in an emergency situation anytime. It has been observed by a popular magazine that every year almost hundreds of dogs find themselves involved in an accident or they are subjected to a heatstroke or stomach infection and etcetera. Hence the need of a first aid kit for your pet.

But, when you know what you need to add to your dog first aid kit, your pet might save his life. This article will discuss in detail the things which you must have in your Dog First Aid kit.

Dog First Aid Kit

What you need to Add to Your Dog First Aid Kit

  • Bandages: Bandages are the most important part of a first aid kit for pets. A crepe bandage or a roll of self-adhesive bandage will help you give your pet instant relief from a pain or a wound.
  • A box of Cotton Wool: Just like the bandage a box of cotton wool will be of incredible help to your dog if you keep it in his first aid kit. It will help you stop the bleeding immediately. It will help you stick some ointment or medicine on the wound.
  • A Box of Sterile Absorbent Gauze: In case you are running short of cotton wool or bandage, this medical absorbent gauze cloth will be of incredible help in during the emergency situation. It will help you control the bleeding so that you can clean the wound and apply the bandage on it.
  • Adhesive Surgical Tape: When you are dressing a wound, you will definitely need an adhesive tape. It will help you keep the bandage nice and tight.

A pair of scissors

When picking up a scissor for your pet, go for a curved or a blunt ended scissor as your dog might get hurt during the process of dressing with a sharp scissor.

A thick Towel

You just can’t ignore a thick towel, as it will help you clean your pet and wipe him dry also comfort him during a cold day.

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So, these were some of the most important things which you need to add to your Dog first Aid Kit. You can’t take charge of an accident or an emergency, but you surely can make sure that your dog is safe in spite of it going through an ordeal.