What to do if your Dog is choking

When your dog is choking you need to know some basic tips and tricks which will help you get him out of the situation. Handling a choking dog requires some basic training. Secondly understanding when your dog chokes is an important aspect to consider. You should know that your dog can actually choke on anything.

But, mostly the things on which they choke are small stuff like your golf balls or some real bones or plastic toys of your children. Here we have discussed how to handle a choking dog.

Handle a Choking Dog

How to Handle a Choking Dog

Examine his mouth

If you see your dog is choking on something the first step is checking his mouth. You need to pull his tongue forward and then remove any foreign particle which you find.

Examine his mouth

If you have a large dog

When you have a large dog that is choking, you need to go towards his back and wrap your arms around his body. Then make a fist with your hand and place the thumb of that hand against the abdomen of your dog i.e. just below the sternum. Grasp your fist with the other hand and push upwards and forwards. It should be done in a sudden and forceful manner.

If you have a small dog

Hold your canine baby with her head up so that her spine is facing your chest. Next, make a fist with your hand and place it just below the sternum. Now grasp the fist and give four or five sudden and forceful thrust.

Now you need to check if the airway is clean. If the debris from the mouth is cleared then you are all sorted. If not and your dog is unconscious then you need to take him to the veterinary surgeon.

So these were the things which you should know when your dog is choking. So, I hope now you know how to handle a choking dog.