12 Weird Things Labradors do only an owner will understand

You might have heard all the cute adjectives about Labradors, but you might have also heard people calling them funny and entertaining. Well, there are some weird things Labradors do only an owner will understand. Labradors as pets are not only dogs that you will love; they will also make you laugh at their behavior.

You will have many benefits of having Labradors as pets as it is easy to train or potty train a Labrador, and they are affectionate. Apart from the various pros and cons of having a Labrador as pets, you will love to know the goofy side of our furbabies. Hence, we have listed some weird things Labradors do only an owner can understand so that you get to have an insight into what it is like to have a Labrador as a pet.

12 Weird Things Labradors do only an owner will understand

Weird Things Labradors do only an owner will understand

  1. Labradors will rarely sleep on their bed. You can purchase the best mattress; you will still find them curled up on the floor in the morning.  
  2. It is better to lock up all your soft toys if you decide to adopt a Labrador. The reason being that Labradors love playing with soft toys more than dog toys
  3. From our personal insight from owning a Labrador, some Labradors will learn the word food before their own name
  4. No matter how much jumpy and kiddish they are; a Labrador will never hurt the kids and the elderly. This fact might come off as weird as one moment you will see them jumping around, and the other moment they will safely play around the kids. 
  5. A Labrador will try to put anything in its mouth. You can put anything in front of them, and they will try to eat it. 
  6. Labradors share an undying love for the water. Labradors are one of the few breeds that love playing around with water.
  7. Technically, a Labrador’s coat is waterproof. So even if they snoop around in the water for long, they don’t get cold. 
  8. One of the weird things that Labradors do is that you will rarely see them in pain. You might take them to a doctor to get vaccinated or accidentally step on their tail; you will notice that your Labradors won’t make a fuss out of it. 
  9. You will find your Labrador puppy sniffing around a lot! Though all dogs have a great sense of smell, Labradors usually have the upper hand in this ability. You will find them sniffing around more rather than walking. 
  10. Labradors are friendly towards other dogs and small animals. Most dogs can be aggressive towards other dogs or small animals, but not Labradors. Almost all the Labradors are willing to make friends with the other species.  
  11. Labradors will wag their tails when they are happy, and their tail wagging strength is strong enough to knock things off. 
  12. One of the weird things Labradors do is that they are most likely to play with their urine during their puppy stage. However, this habit dies off within a few weeks when Labradors are smart enough to understand that urine is their excreta. 

We are sure that some of these things about all the weird things Labradors do; will have you laughing. If not, we know that once you adopt a Labrador, you are surely going t experience some of these weird things Labradors do. In short, owning a Labrador is like having a full-time subscription to a laughter comedy show!