6 Easy and Effective ways to stop puppy biting

Puppy biting starts from the moment one gets a new puppy. You try to free yourself from your puppy’s small, cute, but sharp teeth, but the puppy biting strikes again! But don’t worry, we understand your pain because we have been through the same thing, hence the guide. After trying various methods, we are putting out some simple tips to stop puppy biting at home. 

puppy biting with text

Why does my puppy bite while petting

If your puppy bites you while petting you, then they are trying to play with you. Puppies are not big enough to understand that their bite might be painful to their owners. 

Why is my puppy chewing everything?

Most puppies aggressively chew while teething. Hence, if your puppy is chewing everything, they are going through teething. 

Is it safe to leave puppies near babies?

While it is safe to let your puppy play with your baby, you should keep an eye on them so that neither of them gets hurt.

Easy steps to train your puppy from stop biting

These easy Steps are surely gonna help you stop puppy biting. But, please know that they are gonna keep biting until 4-5 months of age until these milk teeth fall off.

Establish a command over your puppy

You don’t have to be harsh to establish command over your pups. You can teach them the difference between yes and no with the help of treats. When they start biting, you say ‘no’ and loosen your hand from them. After a while, when they release your hand, treat them. After a day or two, you will notice a drastic difference in their biting behavior. 

Channel their biting somewhere else

If they can’t bite their human, then what should your puppy bite? It is essential to provide an alternative solution for your puppy biting. Every time your puppy starts chewing your hand, loosen yourself up, and hand over a toy. Your puppy will slowly transition from human-biting to toy biting. 

Understand they are teething

Puppy teething can be painful for most dogs, and hence the aggressive chewing. At this stage, rubber toys are better than soft toys. And let’s be honest, soft toys won’t even survive your puppy teething phase. 

Play and distract

Sometimes puppies also softly nib their owners for attention. It can be your cue to play with your puppy and distract them. A play of catch or tug of war can be best to keep them distracted for a while. 

Act hurt if they bite

Even though you are not hurt, make a sound like you are in pain or start crying. After that, ignore them for a few seconds. 

You need to understand that your pup’s intention is not to hurt you. Hence, this method will establish the fact that you are getting hurt. 

Never resort to aggressive teachings

When you teach your puppy to stop biting, kindly do not resort to scolding or punishing them. Chances are, your puppy won’t even understand why they are being punished. Moreover, they will start fearing you, and you will lose your puppy’s trust.

Kindly note that you can’t immediately stop your puppy from biting you. It will take some time, energy, and patience. But once they realize that it is wrong to nib on humans, your pups will rarely resort to biting.