Veterinary Needs of A Cat – Why should you visit the Vet

Are you wondering what exactly are the Veterinary Needs of a Cat? Your Cat needs the veterinarian for a lot of reasons. Right from getting her all the important vaccines to checking her body for any foreign elements, your Cat needs a vet for multiple reasons. Ideally, you should visit the vet with your cat every 6 months. However, you can visit more often depending on your Cat’s needs. Listed below are some Veterinary Needs of your Cat.

Veterinary needs of a cat

Cat Check-up

When it comes to taking your cat to the vet, my rule isĀ  – the sooner, the safer. Cats are masters at hiding their illnesses. But, we as responsible cat parents should make it a point to get an appointment with the best veterinarian in the locality for a yearly or half-yearly cat check-up.

How Often Do Cats need to See a Vet

An average aged Cat must visit a Vet at least once in a year. If you have Kitten then you need to take them to your Vet in 3/4 weeks for a checkup. If you have an older Cat then visit the Vet with her at least twice a year.

When to visit the Vet

Apart from the usual visits for vaccines and general checkups, you can visit the Vet, when you feel that your Cat’s behaviour is a little unusual. For this, you must closely monitor your Cat for any signs of illness which includes, overeating or urination (less or more) or Diarrhoea or Vomiting. You should also visit the Vet if your Cat is not eating anything for a day or two. Also if you see your Cat overgrooming or constantly itching, then you should visit the Vet. If you see that your cat is not moving properly or is limping, then you should consult a Vet immediately.

Vaccines for your Cat

Veterinary Needs of your Cat

Vaccines are an essential part of Cat’s health. To take good care of Cat you should get her vaccinated every year with booster vaccine. However, before you do so, it is always prefered to consult your Vet first and then get only those vaccines administered which is essentially based on your particular region and locality.

Get your Cats checked for Parasites

Parasites like Tapeworm, Hookworms, Lungworms, Heartworms and Leeches are common internal Parasites which affect Cats. Tapeworm is a common intestinal parasite and Cats get infected by it very often by eating meat from outdoors. Many times the larvae pass down the Cats body through their prey. So, be careful of your Cats digestion habits and if you see them vomiting or not eating, chances are they are infected with these worms. You should take to the Vet immediately. Besides this, external Parasites like Ticks and Mites are a common external parasite, which affects the fur and ears of Cat very often. When your Cat gets affected by Mites you can administer them with body sprays and it will go away soon. Look for signs of eggs or red skin or bald patches in your Cat and take required action soon.

How to Give Medicines to Your Cat

You can give medicines to your Cat by missing it in the treat. However, be sure that they eat it as they have a habit of throwing it off. You can trick them into swallowing the medicine by raising your hand and dropping it directly in their mouth. For kittens, you could use liquid medicine with a syringe and give it to them from their mouth.

So, these were some general tips on Veterinary Needs of your Cat. Besides this, anytime you feel that your Cat is behaving unusually or is suffering internally, you should visit the Vet ASAP. The longer you wait, the graver the illness will get. So, better to take care of it before it gets worse.