8 unique cat breeds to have as pets

Cats as pets are one of the most loyal and loving pets you can have. Once you bond with your cat, there is no going back. The personality of a cat has different layers to it. Some people say they are mean, and some will say they are affectionate. Cats as pets are unique pets to have. However, there are many unique cat breeds that will steal your heart away at a glance. These unique cat breeds are rare, beautiful, and astounding. Naturally, we curated a list of unique cat breeds for all the cat parents to know more about them. 

unique cat breeds to have as pets

Unique Cat Breeds you can have as pets

Khao Manee:

They are also known as “Diamond Eye” cats. These unique cat breeds come from Thailand and are a rare breed. Another trait of these breeds is they only come in solid white color. Their eyes being either blue or golden, and if you are lucky enough, one of each color. 


unique cat breeds to have as pets

Ever wondered what Dachshunds would look like if they were a cat? Well, here are munchkins for you. These cats get their name because of their short legs. These cute little kitties get their looks because of the genetic mutation that causes dwarfism.

Scottish Fold:

This breed is also another product of genetic mutation because of which their ears fold forward. But, these ear folds add a great deal to their personality. However, the breeders should keep in mind that they shouldn’t breed two ear folds together as it may lead to further more genetic mutation. 

Selkirk Rex:

This magnificent breed is different from other Rex breeds because of their long, thick and curly fur. Because of this thick fur, they make an appearance in various show circles. 


They are a unique-looking breed, bred because of their hairless look. But, a surprising fact is that Sphynx has fur. They have a thin layer of down fur, and they have loose skin around their shoulders and ears. Due to the lack of a proper coat, they would appreciate you giving them sweaters during winters.


These unique cat breeds are famous for the leopard print on the fur. Originating from Asia, the Bengal cat has green, golden, and sometimes orangish eyes. They are graceful but mighty and strong. Most people prefer having a Bengal cat as a pet because they are loyal to their families and easy to train. 


Another one to make it to the list of unique cat breeds is the Levkoy. They have almost no hair on their body, and their smooth skin causes wrinkles all over the body. Adding to their unique appearance are their inner ear folds. All of these adds up to make Levkoys desirable for many pet owners. 


These affectionate and friendly cats have earned their reputation on our list because of their cute personality and curly hair. Their fur appears to be in a curl-like formation over their body, making them different from the rest of the breeds.  

Though we have listed these unique cat breeds in this blog, most cats are unique in themselves. Their appearance, their personality, and their behavior change from one household to another. So, to ensure that your cat feels comfortable with you, be a good pet parent to them.