Take a Peek in to how your Cat Behaves | Understanding Cat Behavior

Are you a first time cat owner? Or have you been having cats in your home for a long time? Whatever, the case may be we all want to understand why our cat behaves the way it behaves. We do want to know what our furry buddy is thinking and what’s their mood like? Though we can tell from their facial expression and body language but understanding cat behavior will help us know it better.

Understanding Cat Behavior

Here’s a quick look into how a cat behaves so that you can enjoy a warm relationship with you cat.

Understanding Cat Behavior

  • Your Cat is greeting you: When they are walking towards you with their tails up and pointing towards the top then it’s a sign that your cat is greeting you. This may be a good time to acknowledge their greeting and welcome him into your laps or arms.
  • When your Cat wants to familiarize the environment: If you see your cat rubbing their bodies on you or any other object then you should know that it is trying to demarcate it with its own scent.
  • When you Cat Feels relaxed in your presence: If you cat is slowing blinking his eyes and then turning his head then this is a sign that your cat feels relaxed in your presence and that it is not feeling threatened in front of you.
  • Your Cat is Scared and Nervous: If you see that your cat’s ears are flattened towards to back or sides then you should know that it is scared or nervous. It’s time for you to give him a place to hide where he feels safe and secure.

Cat is Scared and Nervous

  • When your cat is happy and satisfied: When you see your fury baby purring, then you know that it is feeling happy and satisfied. You have been able to fulfill its needs.
  • Your Cat is Frustrated: If they are focusing intently on any one thing, or their eyes are wide open with pupils dilated or if they are lethargic then you should know that your Cat is frustrated.

Cat is Frustrated

So this was a quick look into the dictionary of Understanding your cat. I hope now you know how your Cat behaves and why it does what it does.