Thinking of Supplies for your New Cat? Here’s Your Ultimate New Cat Checklist

Before you get a new furry member in your family, Its always a great idea to browse through a new cat checklist. After you have gotten your fluffy toy, I know you will feel excited about having him and also anxious about treating him appropriately. Research says that these first few hours are vital in the formation of a bond with your cat. But, you can’t bond well if you don’t have the supplies that any new cat needs. So, here are the things you need for a new cat.

New Cat Checklist

Your Ultimate New Cat Checklist

New Cat Checklist

Food and Water bowl

Before you serve your cat good food, you need a separate bowl in which you’ll serve him. This will be the first food he’ll have in your home. And, I know you want to make the moment special.

Cat Food & Water

New Cat Checklist

As you are getting a new member to your home, so keeping your home stuffed with cat food is the first step of making sure he feels comfortable and at home in your house. So, head to the pet store and grab some cat food.

Litter Box

Litter box is the first and foremost thing that you need before you get a new cat to your home. It is preferred that you go for an open lid litter box since some cats like privacy.

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Collar ID and ID Tag with phone number

This is another important step in making sure your fluffy friend stays safe and sound, even when you are not by his side or he gets lost or runs away from his new home out of anxiety. Hence, don’t forget to get a collar ID along with an ID Tag which has your current phone number on it.

Non-toxic cleanser

Toxic cleaners are hazardous for cats. Hence it is preferred that you buy non-toxic cleaner for your home. You see, cats have this habit of tasting everything. Therefore try to keep the toilet seat cover down and use non-toxic cleaners.

Nail clipper

Make sure you choose a professional cat nail clipper. As you are becoming a new cat parent, you cannot dread this step. Don’t go for grinder style trimmer. Use the traditional scissors or plier style cat nail clippers.

Scratching post

Cats love scratching. Hence installing a scratching post in your home will earn you blessings from your cushions, pillows, carpets, curtains, doormats and etc. Moreover, it will help him vent out his scratching urges.

Cat Carrier

Choosing a carrier is exceptionally important. But before you choose a Carrier for your cat you will have to measure him. Make sure you buy a carrier that is not as too big nor too small. Moreover, your cat should be able to comfortably stand, sit and turn around in it.

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Cat Bed

If you think that it’s safe for your cat to sleep on the couch or on your bed then you are probably right. Your cat can sleep anywhere. But its always a good idea to have his very own napping pad. In fact, you don’t have to buy anything expensive. Just go for an economical bed which is soft and warm.


New Cat Checklist

Toys will be your best tools to bond with your new cat. It’ll help them release their stress and you can build a beautiful relationship with him while playing those cute little games. So, I suggest you get a small fluffy ball or a felt mice or a string like a toy that goes up and comes down. You’ll love that moment when you see that curious little cat chasing the felt mice or playing with a ball.

Cat Shampoo

Getting a cat shampoo is probably not that important since you don’t have to bathe a cat often. So, bathing them just once or twice in a month is more than enough.


Use a brush to actually brush his fur. Even this step can be ignored since cats groom themselves regularly. However, look out for over-grooming. Because it has been seen that cats that over-groom themselves are anxious or stressed.

Calming Diffuser

I personally recommend this step. Cats associate with a smell much more than we do. Hence get a cat calming diffuser and when your cat smells that, it will lose all its stress and feel calm.

New Cat Checklist

So, these were the supplies you need as a new cat owner. However, you might also want to check this article on tips to help your cat adjust to a new home. It’ll help you bond better. I hope you found this article on the New Cat checklist, helpful and informative.