Travelling with Cats – A Complete Checklist

Cats do not travel well. So, if you are thinking about Travelling with a Cat, then you should think again. Cats do not love to travel and when they get to know that they are travelling, they get really scared and stressed. However, if you are moving to a new home or you just have to take your Cat, then here is a quick checklist to keep in mind, while travelling with a Cat. So, without delay let us have a quick look at these facts on how to travel with your Cat.

Travelling With Cats

How To Travel With Your Cat

Travelling with your Cat is not easy. So, if you are travelling with your Cat, then you should plan ahead of time. If you want to travel by road, then you can get a carrier which you can keep in your Cat in while you drive. If you are planning to fly with your Cat, then you should consult with your airline and decide if you wish to take your Cat with yourself in the cabin or you can put them in the Cargo with other pets.

Get your Cats Medicines

Cats can get motion sickness and might start vomiting. So, it is important that you have your Cat medicines with you. Also, consult your vet before you leave and get all the medications you need with you.

Get your Cat to wear a Harness or ID Tag

If you have an ID Tag for your Cat, there can be nothing better than that. However, you can also get them to wear a harness with a leash so that during the trip you can keep control of them.

Feed them a limited amount of food

You do not need to feed your cat a lot, especially when you are on the move. You can feed your Cat only during the evening or night time and do not worry, they will be absolutely fine. If you feed your cat a lot, they might start to vomit. Also, keep the water that they drink with you. Cats many times do not drink water that does not taste the same and you do not want that.

Keep a litter box in the Carrier

You can get a travel-friendly litter box for your Cat and put it in the Carrier. Your cat will be happy to use it and shall even not get stressed.

Do not drive when your Cat is running loose

Take breaks in between and stop the car and allow your Cat to run freely in the car. However, never keep the Car’s windows and doors open during this time. Your Cat will get out of the Car. So, stay in the car and get them inside the Carrier before you start driving again and a Cat on the loose, while you drive, is the main reason for multiple accidents every year.

Keep the Carrier Cool

Of you are travelling in the summer months, then keep a frozen soda bottle with you. Wrap a towel around it and keep it near the Carrier or Keep the AC on in the car and keep the Carrier near it. Do not leave your Cat in the Carrier and lock the car and go out to get gas or anything. It’ll get boiling hot inside and your Cat can have a heat stroke. If you are stopping over, get your Cat out as well.

Keep then warm during winters

During the winter months, carry their blanket with you so that they feel safe and comfortable travelling with you.

Book rooms in a Pet-friendly hotel

You should not carry your Pet in a non-pet-friendly hotel. Your Cat will have a hard time there. Also in the hotel room, check every corner if there are any holes or not, check for Rat traps which are dangerous for Cats as their paws might get stuck on it. Also, carry their bed or just the bedding so that you can make an arrangement in the room and keep your Cat there. You can even keep your Cat in the bathroom if it’s big, spacious and has a locked door.

Confirm with Airlines every detail

Even if you have booked a Pet-friendly Airline ticket, it’s always safe to go in early and get your Pet past the security check and decide ahead of time if you need to keep them in the cabin with you or in the Cargo.

Carry your Vets Paper works

These days this is a very important rule that wherever you carry your Cat, you need to carry their Pets papers with you. So, do not forget that.

So, these were some tips on Travelling with Cats. Next time you travel with your Cat, these tips will be handy for you. Hope you found this article helpful.