A Brief Guide on Training Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are so cute and adorable Pets. Do you own a Guinea Pig? If you do, then you would want to train your Guinea Pig so that she follows your commands and you have a great time playing with her. Here is a brief guide on how to train Guinea Pigs. Just like any other Pets, Training Guinea Pigs is a great idea. You could train your Guinea Pig to play with you, follow your commands and listen to you. Guinea Pigs are very intelligent Pets and they respond well to human commands. However, you might seem a difference in individual personalities, but they are generally very interactive to human commands. Some Guinea Pigs might take time to respond. So, be patient with them and use a lot of Positive reinforcements to encourage any good behavior. Without delay let us check out more tips on Training Guinea Pigs at home.

Training Guinea Pigs

Interact with them using their name

Just like you take care of any other Pets, with Guinea Pigs also, the first step of training is to teach them their name. When you have decided on their name it’s time to call them with their name. When you call them or talk to them using their name, slowly they will start relating to it and will also respond better to you.

Call them using their Names

When you want your Guinea Pig to come out of the cage and play with you, you should open the door of the cage and allow her to come out on her own. Just keep saying her name in a low tone. She will respond to you. Hold a small treat in your hand, so that when she comes out you can give it to her as a sign of encouraging her good behavior. Positive reinforcements and praises will help your Guinea pigs to bond better with you.

Train them to stand up

It feels so cute when your Guinea Pigs stands up on their legs and follow your command. This is a trick which they do, only after they are really close to you. Also, this trick needs time. So, if you want your Guinea Pigs to stand up when you ask her to do so, then keep giving her the commands and hold the treat high up. She will naturally stand up to grab the treat. Once she does that, give her a lot of praise that encourages this behavior in the future as well.

Teach them to circle

Training Guinea pigs

Another common trick which Guinea Pigs do is to circle around. You too can train your Guinea Pig to circle. All you have to do is when you hand out a treat, then the moment she approaches say circle and move your hand in a circular motion. Chances are she will follow the treat and make a circle easily. If she is unable to do it. do not scold her. Rather teach her again or sometimes when she is ready for games.

Litter train your Guinea Pig

To Litter train, your Guinea Pig, place the litter box next to the place she uses for the bathroom. Also as a way to lure her into the box, place few pellets on it. Once she comes there for bathroom and uses it once, hand out a small treat to her. Keep repeating this step every time she uses the Litter box. Slowly she will start to associate with the Litter box as a place that will get her treats if she uses it.

So, this was a brief guide on Training Guinea Pigs. Guinea Pigs makes great companions. If they are not responding to your commands then chances are they are still nervous and need some time to adjust to their new surrounding. Talk to them whenever you meet them, greet them and hand out treats to them. Gradually, they will start to feel associated with you and shall love spending time with you. Once Guinea pigs trust you, it’s very easy to train them afterward.

Training Guinea pigs