List of Toxic Plants for Pets – How To Add House Plants which are Safe for Pets

We all use plants to decorate our homes. Nowadays there are Plants that have air-purifying qualities in them and hence, they are increasingly being kept at home for ornamentation and display purposes. However, many of these plants are indeed Toxic Plants for Pets. Pets are sensitive to plants. As much as they might love to nibble onto the leaves or to brush their bodies against the plants, you must be absolutely sure if the plant is safe for your Pet. So, to help you out here is a list of Toxic Plants for Pets. These are non-pet-friendly plants and it applies for mainly Cats and Dogs. So, without delay let us have a look at these plants below.

Toxic Plants for Pets


Marijuana is becoming an increasingly popular house plant nowadays. However, if you have pets in the house, you need to be extra careful. Marijuana can cause CNS Damage and co-ordination troubles in Pets. Most of the time, Pets ingest the seeds and this can lead to vomiting or seizures.

Azaleas (Rhododendron)

This is another extremely poisonous plant for Pets. It has Grayantoxins in them which causes serve health issues in Pets such as Diahorrea or Depression or CNS Breakdown or in severe cases, it can also lead to a heart attack.

Aloe Vera

While Aloe Vera might be a super plant for us, it’s toxic for Pets. Aloe Vera contains Saponins in the Succulent Parts and this results in Diahorrea or Vomiting or sometimes it might cause Lethargy or CNS Depression.

Sago Palm

Sago Palm is a popular house plant. However, this is extremely poisonous to dogs. Dogs can get Liver failure if they ingest any part of this plant. This plant is so harmful that sometimes it can also cause death.

Asian Lillies

Bright and Big, Asian Lillies are common houseplants around Easter. However, if you have Cats in the house, you should never bring them or plant them. Asian Lillies are extremely poisonous to Cats.

English Ivy

English Ivy is becoming extremely popular these days as a house plant and that is mainly because it is the best Air Purifier house plant. However, if you have Cats or Dogs in your home, never get these plants. These are toxic plants for Cats and Dogs.

Swiss Cheese Plants

Swiss Cheese Plants make for a gorgeous house plant. However, a bite of this plant will kill your Cat. This is a toxic plant for Cat.

Jade Plants

Jade Plants or Rubber Plants are toxic Plants for Cats. You should never plant this in your garden or keep it indoors for decoration purposes and Cats love to nibble on to it and this can be fatal for them.

So, these were some toxic Plants for Pets list. If your Cat or Dog is having a Plant Poisoning, then take them t the Vet as soon as you can and also keep in mind the plant that triggered this behavior. You can look for teeth marks on your plants and you’ll know what it is that is causing them health troubles.

Toxic Plants for Pets