Top 10 Cat Cutest Breeds of 2021 that’ll Make you feel like Cuddle them right off your screen

Wondering What are the Cutest Cat Breeds? Let’s Face it. All Cats are freaking cute! You just want to grab them and rub your face against those soft, fluffy fur. Well, here are the Cutest Cat breeds of this year!

TOP 10 Cat Breeds that will make you smile like a sunshine

Persian Cats

persian cat

Persian breed of cats are the most famous and coveted in the world and for a very good reason! This royal breed of cats comes from Persia which is now modern day Iran. They were adopted by the world when they were imported into Italy all the way back in 1620. And since then these elegant felines have kept their place among the most popular cat breeds of all times. 

Short and furry with small ears and big eyes, the Persian can convince just about anyone that when it comes to cat royalty, there’s only them at the top. 


ragdoll cat on a branch

That’s quite an interesting name for a cat, isn’t it? Cats are known to be the picture of their grace with their picture-perfect landings, but this cat breed is a tad bit different from the rest. Named ragdoll because of its tendency to just flop (we like to call it melt) in the arms when cradled, these cats are just the sweetest of the bunch. With their affectionate nature and gentle tone, these cats are perfect for the ones who want a companion for their family and kids. 

Ragdoll cats are a bit bigger in size if compared to the Persian but can still snugly fit in your lap. Something they like to do a lot if we may add! These cats are total cuddle bugs and if you are the cuddly type then this one’s for you! 


Abyssinian vat

Now don’t be scared looking at their resting grumpy faces. Although very sharp-faced, Abyssinians are actually easy to get along with humans. Just ask any Abyssinian owner and they’ll not stop gushing about these magnificent but gentle creatures. At the same time they also have an independent streak in them and can be left alone to just happily play with their toys while you are away. 

Unlike the Persian and Ragdoll, these cats are short-haired. That means a lot less fur cleaning for you! And speaking of their beautiful coat of fur, it is distinct from the other cats as it has different bands of colour, giving the Abyssinian a very smooth look. If you want your heart stolen by a smooth cat, this one’s for you!

Maine Coon

These cats are just among the fluffiest ones you can find. Bigger in size than most cat breeds, these are gentle giants. These good-natured kitties are your perfect companion to sit by your side while you read a book or watch something on Netflix. But they are not exactly

made for laps, owing to their size and also because although affectionate, Maine Coon also likes to have their own space. 

If you are a busy person who cannot spend too much time taking care of your cat, then this one’s for you. Maine Coon are devoted enough that you’ll know they love you, but are also independent enough to not make you worry while you’re at work.

Norwegian Forest

As the name suggests, this cat breed is native to Norway. If Persian needs a competition in looking like royalty, Norwegian Forest can certainly give it one! These aristocratic looking cats are on the bigger side but are absolutely a joy to be around. Children especially love them for their playful and sweet nature. And that’s just not the end of perks that comes with this breed. If you have a mousing problem then trust Norwegian Forest to solve it for you! And no, unlike Tom from Tom & Jerry, this cat will not crash your house while doing it. 

If you want a fun family cat but who’s also not too fussy, Norwegian Forest is for you. They will be happy leaving you alone when you’re busy but also will be up playing with you whenever you need!


Himalayan breed is definitely the distant cousin of Persian if Royal looks are concerned. Himalayan are native from the Himalayan region of South Asia, and are easily recognisable for their distinctive fur patterns. Affectionately called as Himmie by many, these medium sized cats are sturdy with bones built to climb the mountains. Or your backyard tree if you have one! 

Sweet-natured and fun to play with, these cats can be a bit of high maintenance. If you love grooming your cat and pampering it with your attention, the Himalayan is for you!

Scottish Fold

One look at their folded ears and you’ll immediately recognise them! Scottish Fold is a infamous breed of cats, mostly owing to their absolutely adorable profile and party owing to Taylor Swift owning one. These cats are proud natives of Scotland. In fact, unlike many breeds of cat you can actually trace them to its first cat named Susie. The story goes that Susie was born with folded ears to which a farmer took fancy and decided to breed Susie with the help of a geneticist. By 1976 Scottish Fold had effectively taken over the cat world with its trademark folded ears. 

But don’t let the folded ears fool you. Their hearing is just fine and will immediately meow back at you when you come back home. They are just as sweet as their looks and are fun to be around with their amusing reactions to the world around them. Internet is filled with memes of Scottish Fold just because of how fun they are! 

But you also have to be careful when it comes to the health of the Scottish Fold. They are more prone to illness and require attentive care. If you want a loyal and entertaining companion, Scottish Fold is for you!


This cat breed, while popular, also gets a bad rap for being arrogant with the face of a snob. But no one can deny that they are absolutely majestic to look at. A long body and shiny coat of fur with a distinct dark patch on its face, the Siamese are beautiful to admire upon. But be careful of the tail! It’s quite long and Siamese do love flicking it. 

If you are a chatty person, then Siamese is the pet for you. These cats, unlike it’s apparent grumpy face, are just the most talkative when it comes to it. Siamese are the actual royalty in the sense they need a lot of attentiveness, care and grooming. And you better keep your things under a tight lock because these cats are smart enough to open your cabinets and even your fridge! 

If you are a person with an active lifestyle and want a pet to keep up with, Siamese are for you! This smart breed of cat will definitely keep you on your toes!

British Shorthair

These chubby cute kitties are native from Britain. But don’t let it’s appearance fool you. These cats, although medium-sized, are strong and you should definitely be careful if you want to pet a stray British Shorthair. They can have quite a bite. But don’t let that scare you into not adopting them. British Shorthair are among the most placid breeds and will be unquestionably devoted to their owners. 

If you have a family with kids, British Shorthair is among the best choices of cat breeds for you. Generously patient and loyal, you don’t have to worry about leaving your kids in this cat’s care. And if you are a singleton living on your own, British Shorthair is perfect then too for their independent nature.


If you thought Siamese have a bad rep, you haven’t seen the Sphynx yet. While a very popular breed, Sphynx also is the butt of mockery for many due to its hairless skin. That’s right. Unlike the furry cat companions above, this cat breed barely has any hair on it. But does that make this cat not worthy of being loved? Of course not! 

Sphynx might look like wrinkled old cats but their nature is that of a playful kitten who just wants to be close to their owner at all times. But be careful if you choose this joyful breed of cat. As they have no fur, Sphynx are more prone to get sunburned or cold. But that also gives you the perfect excuse to put your Sphynx in cute and comfy clothes! If you want to stand out from the rest, Sphynx is your go-to choice! 

We hope you will find your dream cat in this list. Even if the list is numbered one to ten, each and every cat is number one in our hearts and we are sure they’ll be number one in yours too!