Tips to Effectively Clean your Dog’s Wound

Is your Dog hurt and you want to know how to effectively clean your Dog’s Wound?

Dogs love playing and pulling off little mischiefs every now and then. And sometimes, during their playtime, they end up getting hurt or wounded. Wounds on a dog’s skin freak out every dog parent ever. However, you don’t need to rush to a veterinarian every time your dog gets hurt because we are going to tell you some easy ways of cleaning a dog wound.

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Do Dog wounds heal quickly?

The healing property of your dog’s wound depends on the seriousness of the injury. If it consists of a small scratch, or cuts, or surgical wounds, then these will heal quickly within a week or so. If it is a serious injury like a fracture, it will take around a month to heal.

Can I put Vaseline on my Dog?

Though Vaseline is safe for your dog’s skin, you should avoid applying it to their wound as they might lick it. If they lick the Vaseline, then it can lead to vomiting or an upset stomach.

Can you use human bandages on dogs?

No, you should avoid the use of bandages made for humans on dogs. The skin of a human and dogs are different, and hence they need separate medical supplies when it comes to their skin.

Is it OK for a dog to lick his wound?

It’s advisable that you don’t allow your dog to lick their own wound, especially when the injury is under the treatment of some ointment. If your dog licks the wound too often, then it might result in some tissue damages, making it harder for the healing process.

doctor holding dogs paw

Effective ways to Clean your Dog’s wound at Home

Calm down your Dog to ease his anxiety and muzzle his mouth

The first step for treating a Dog’s wound naturally is to calm them down. Any remedy won’t work unless you soothe your pet down. After that, muzzle your pet’s mouth to ensure that your dog doesn’t lick the wound. When you muzzle your pet, it will also allow you to treat the injury nicely without any disturbances.

Make sure you stop the bleeding using clean clothes

In order to stop the bleeding, use clean clothes or materials that can absorb the blood like a washcloth, a towel, or a shirt.

Avoid the use of dirty clothes or any antiseptics that are strictly for human use.

To treat an open wound on a dog, clean the wound with warm water

An open wound requires cleaning from time to time to ensure the proper healing process. After you have stopped the bleeding, you have to clean it with lukewarm water with a pinch of salt. Take a clean cloth, dip in the water, and clean the wound gently.

NOTE: Avoid using solutions like soaps, shampoos, tea tree oil, or any such product that can irritate your dog’s wound.

Once done with the cleaning, Make sure you Dry out the Injury

After cleaning the wound, tap it dry with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid scrubbing the injury as it would only cause more pain to your dog and might also worsen the wound.

If you have an antibiotic cream that is safe to use for dogs, then apply it on the wound gently.

cleaning dogs wound collage

These tips will help you to provide the first-aid solution to your dog’s injury. If you see that the wound is deep or there is any sign of infection, please seek professional help. It is advisable that you don’t try treating the serious injury at home as it requires the attention of a doctor or a professional.