Tips on Helping new Cat to adjust to his new Home

Is your new family member – your new cat – finding it hard to accommodate to the new home? Well, here are some tips on helping your new cat adjust in his new home.

But, before you look at these steps it’s important to note that you must consider these facts before you actually bring home a new cat. Is your home large enough so that the cat can have its own territory? It might seem insignificant but this is an important step in caring for the new kitten.

helping new cat to adjust to new home

Tips to helping new cat to adjust to new home

  • Does your Cat have a Safe Home? : Your kitten should have a safe home which is quiet and is large in size. It should have a secure lock with ceiling.
  • Is your room cat proofed?: There are certain safety tips which you must consider that will help you cat proof your home.
  • Does your Kitty have a place to hide?: New kittens do need a place to hide. Things like a cartoon or a cardboard box is ideal for your kitty to hide. Your cat might also hide under the bed, so you might consider keeping away the large furniture’s like beds or dressers because then it would get really ugly to get them out.
  • Has the kitty recognized your smell?: To make sure your kitty knows your smell, you need to keep some of your clothes may be a t-shirt or your jeans in his room. This will help the new cat know you.
  • Has your Cat not eaten anything yet?: If it is 24 hours or 48 hours and your kitten hasn’t had anything, then you can try giving him something delicious such as canned tuna. You cat might be avoiding food because it is stressed and this is pretty common with shy cats. If this trick doesn’t work then you might want to take your cat to the Veterinarian.
  • Have you given your cat a scratching post?: Your kitten will only feel relaxed when it is able to scratch. This is a normal procedure for cat and this will help him get familiarized with the environment.

So, these were some of the tips on helping new cat adjust to his new home. You cannot miss out on these important tips while caring for your new kitten.