Tips on Choosing your first Pet Fish like a pro

choose your fish pet like a pro

Getting a pet fish is one of the most exciting moments for a new pet parent. Gone are the days when you have to look at fish at other aquariums or ponds because you are about to get one of your own!

Choosing a pet fish is not as easy as it sounds. You have to keep various things in mind before getting a pet fish. So, to ease all your hard work, we have listed down a few points and FAQs for new pet parents that can help you to choose your pet fish.

Can a fish recognize its owner?

Beautiful fighter fish

Though fishes have a small brain and less memory power, they can recognize their owner after a certain period of time. They can also get used to their surroundings as well as their fellow fish companion if any.

Can I leave my pet fish alone?

Fishes are easy to take care of as they don’t require your utmost attention. You can leave your fish unattended for a few hours without any worries.

However, if you are leaving them alone for a week or so, make sure they receive food every day.

Can I pet my fish?

Fishes can get scared if you try to touch them frequently. However, you can caress them gently without startling them. If your fish is new, allow them to settle down to the new environment before you decide to pet them.

Tips to help you choose a pet fish for your home

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  • Before purchasing any fish, do your research thoroughly

There are many kinds of fish, each with their own unique personality trait. Hence, before bringing a pet fish at home, you need to keep few things in mind like:

  1. Fishes that are easiest to take care of: like goldfish, betta fish, angelfish, and so on.
  2. Aggressive fishes that you cannot keep with other fishes: like the tiger barb or pleco that can eat and harm other fishes.
  3. The size of your pet fish: it is essential you know what size your pet fish can grow up to before purchasing them.
  • Get your fish according to the size of the aquarium

It is essential that you don’t get fishes that are too big for your aquarium. Fishes that are too big for your aquarium can suffocate due to the lack of space available to them. So, if you have a small aquarium, get fishes that will remain small in size in the future as well.

Also, don’t get too many fishes at once. Purchase a maximum of six or seven fishes at first for your aquarium.

  • Purchase fishes that will have no problem adjusting to a different environment

Before purchasing a pet fish, kindly pay attention to the facts regarding their health, activity, feeding habits, and strength. Fishes tend to stress out when there is a sudden change in water and the environment. So, make sure the fish you purchase healthy fishes as healthy fishes can survive the sudden change of environment and water.

  • Look out for the basic requirements of the fish you want to purchase

The requirements of each fish are different from the others. Before choosing a pet fish, research their basic necessities. You should know what to feed your fish, the amount of food they require daily, their water type, and the type of medicines you can give them if your pet fish falls sick.

Also, note that some fish need clean water to survive, while others can live in slightly muddy water.

  • Purchase your pet fish from a breeder you can trust:

fishes in aqaurium

It is essential that you purchase your pet fish from a breeder you can trust as many breeders can sell you unwell fishes and provide you wrong information just to make money! So be wary of them.

When you are purchasing your first pet fish, you must have all the right information at your end so that you have a wondrous experience with your pet fish.

Choosing a pet fish can be a Herculean task, but if you have done your research, you can soon bring your fish to your place.

We hope that you are all set to bring your new pet fish. If you are confused about what kind of fish you can get as your pet, head over to our article about The best Pet fishes where you can find all the information you need. We hope that you have the best time of your life with your pet fish by your side!