Tips for giving your Cat a Bath (Scratch-Free Experience)

Animals who can clean themselves do not require cleaning, right? Wrong. Every animal, whether they can clean themselves or not, some amount of bathing is essential.

But, how to bathe your cat? Cat owners know that they have been to hell and back to give their cats a proper bath. Results? Scratches all over your face and hands.

Grey cat wrapped in pink towel

But it’s time to say goodbye to all the suffering because we have been through hell and back and brought you some tips on how to bathe your cat. And don’t worry, these tips will give you a scratch-free experience!

But before we begin let’s dive in and learn some tips from Previous Cat Owners. Also, check out these Tips for the first 30 Days of Cat Adoption!

Word of mouth by our experts:

hands keeping a cat in a tub of water

Is it ok to bathe a cat?

Cats can clean themselves, so until and unless it is absolutely necessary to avoid bathing your cats. However, if you use the right kind of product, it is perfectly alright to bathe a cat.

How often are you supposed to bathe a cat?

You can bathe your cat once every six weeks. However, if they get too dirty before that, it is safe to give them a nice warm bath.

Do cats hate baths?

Yes, they don’t particularly enjoy bathing. But, if you accustom your cat right from the very beginning, then your pets might not throw many tantrums while you bathe them.

Tips for Bathing your Cat

Clip those nails to have a scratch-free experience

Before you decide to bathe your cat, it is crucial to clip their nails carefully. If you are a new cat parent, you need to know that cats do not love water, and they hate the idea of bathing.

Cats can clean themselves, so it isn’t necessary to bathe them regularly. However, if they get too dirty or they start stinking, please remember to trim their nails before heading them to a bath.

A small size container for your cats:

You don’t need a large tub to bathe your cat. A small tub or a container suitable for your cat’s size will do the job perfectly fine.

Your kitten might get scared if the container is too large for their size, due to which they might create a lot of fuss.

So to avoid that, avoid using a large tub.

Lukewarm water to make your cat get comfortable with the bathing routine:

It is a common fact that cats hate water and might get uncomfortable while bathing. Cats like warm things, so to ensure their comfort, lukewarm the water before bathing your cat.

Use products that are safe for your cat:

There is a lot of cat shampoo and dry shampoo available for your pets online and offline. If you do not have a product that is safe for cats, do not use it.

And you mustn’t use any dog shampoo on your cat. Be careful while introducing products to your cat’s skin.

Dry them after bathing them:

After completing the tedious procedure of bathing your cat, it is now time to dry them off. If you don’t dry your cats, they might end up having a cold.

So, dry them, and set them free.

You might notice your cat being moody after a nice warm bath. But it’s alright because as soon as they see food, they will be back to their normal state in no time. If you still have some questions about how to bathe your cat, we have answered some below, hoping that it would help you and every cat parent.