These Plants are safe for your Cat garden

Are you looking for Plants for Cat garden? Apart from Catnip, there are a number of plants which gives sensory pleasures to your Kitten. If you are planning to make a Cat garden for your Cat, then here is a list of the best Plants that Cats love and also these Plants are safe for your Cat.

So, read more about them below.

Cat garden

Plants for Cat Garden

  • Chamomile: You must know that Chamomile is an excellent calming plant. It has small daisy like flowers. It calms down anxiety and hence is excellent for Cats. It is so commonly used in today’s medicine and Teas as well. And so it is great for your Cat.
  • Lemongrass: It’s a very simple psychology. Cat’s love strong smelling things. Lemon grass is commonly used in Thai and Asian dishes because of its strong smell. Not only humans but Cats too love its smell, and it is great for treating stomach problems or respiratory issues in Cats/
  • Peppermint: You can plant mint in your Garden. Cats love mint family plants. Pepper mint is also a great option. Peppermint keeps Mice away, so if you have been receiving Mice’s as gifts from your Cat, then plant these and it’ll be gone.
  • Cat grass: Cat grass is just one plant which you must have in your Cat garden. It is so easy to grow these and is also a great plant option for Cat gardens.
  • Cat nip: Cat nip is especially a Cat’s favourite plant. It has Nepetalactone oil in it which gives olfactory high to Cats. It gives a euphoric high to Cats.
  • Licorice Root: Licorice is a great Plant for Cats. When your Cat knaws on this plant then it helps them in digestion and also cures allergies.

So, these are the best plants for Cat garden. You can plant these in your garden and rest assured that your Cat will have a great time here.