Is your Cat Aging Gracefully? Here are some Tips on Taking Care of Senior Cats

Cats who are celebrating their 15th birthday or 20th birthday can be categorized as Senior Cats. If you see your cat is gracefully aging, then there are some common health issues with old cats that you must be aware of. Heath issues with aged cats are common. Some of the most common health problems in senior cats are Arthritis, Cancer, Kidney Diseases, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Dental Diseases, Hyperthyroidism and etc.

Taking Care of Senior Cats

Almost all kinds of Cat diseases are treatable and can be cured. Including deadly illnesses like Cancer and hyperthyroidism. But, since Cats are excellent at hiding their problems, you’ll have to be extra careful with them. Here are a few tips on taking care of senior cats.

Taking Care of Senior Cats

Taking Care of Senior Cats

Pay Attention to the Behavioral Changes in your Senior Cat

As cats grow old they tend to develop a general disinterest towards everything that they previously liked. You might see them becoming less active. Paying less attention to you. Or sleeping way more than she usually did. These signs should be reported to the vet right away.

Look for Physical Changes

Regularly feel the body of your cat for lumps and bumps – it might be a tumor.

If she has become slow, she might have Arthritis. It causes tremendous pain in their joints. This should be reported to the vet right away.

Take a Note of her Appetite

A significant increase, as well as a significant decrease in appetite, isn’t a good sign for cats. Too much of eating might be because of Diabetes. You might want to read this article about Diabetes in Cats. On the other hand, too little of eating might be because of some dental problems. Both of these symptoms call for a cat check-up.

Is She missing the Litter-Box

Is your senior cat missing the litter box? This may be because your cat is suffering from Urinary infection or it might be possible that she has got arthritis and she finds it difficult to climb into her tall litter box.

Make the Carrier More Comfortable

Not only this will reduce the stress while visiting the vet, but it will also give her the time to get comfortable in her carrier.

Visit the Veterinarian Regularly

No matter how much your cat hates visiting the veterinarian, know that it’s important. Hence, even if you have a sliver of doubt about your senior cat’s health, go to the vet right away.

Taking Care of Senior Cats

So, these were the tips on taking care of senior cats. Though we don’t like when our cats get old. But, its a reality. And, I hope these tips will help you out.