What Do You Need for your First Fish Tank?

When you are getting your first fish tank, then there are certain equipment and supplies that you should consider getting. Things like gravel and sand, rocks, water heater and just some of the basic things that you mush have for your fish tank. Let’s learn more about what to get for your first fish tank in detail.

supplies for your fish tank

Top 10 Most Important Supplies for your First Fish Tank

1. Gravel

supplies for your fish tank

Beautiful Gravel is the first thing that you’ll need while setting up your fish tank. Wash the gravel and place them right at the bottom of the fish tank. You can buy gravel in various shapes and colors. So, the kind of gravel you want depends totally on you.

2. Choose a Heater

Depending on your tank size and the fishes you have, you will have to choose a proper heater for your fish tank. A proper heater will regulate the temperature of the water and will make sure that your fishes feel comfortable in the tank.

3. Choose a Filter

Cleaning your tank is exceptionally important. Hence choose a high-quality filter for your fish tank. Don’t compromise on the quality of the filter as this is what will make sure that your fishes are living in a clean and safe environment.

4. The lighting of your tank

Besides heater and filter, another thing that you just cannot ignore is the lighting of your fish tank. Your fish tank should be properly lit. This will keep the heat regulated and will also make the beautiful fishes visible to your guests. Choose any color or design of light you want. My favorite color is blue. I really like that relaxing blue hue lighting up my fishes. It chills me down. You can choose green, white, golden, pink or anything you want.

5. Plants

Whether you want fake plants or real plants you must have them in your fish tank. Plants like moss or fern are so beautiful, green and stylish. They keep your tank looking fresh and fine.

6. Aerator

An aerator is another important thing that you must-have for your fish tank. It will help your little fishes breathe in water and will also make your fish tank look kinda cool.

7. Aquarium Salt

If you are getting saltwater fishes for your fish tank that you have to have some Aquarium salt for your fish tank. Any kind of Aquarium salt will work. Just note that it should be authentic.

8. Aquarium Chiller

Depending on the size of your fish tank you will need to buy one Aquarium chiller. It will regulate the temperature and keep doing its job in the background without your interference. You must make sure that your chiller is quiet and doesn’t make much sound while it is operating.

9. Fish Feeders

This is extremely important if you are an Aquarist who has a busy schedule. With today’s hectic schedule we all find little time for ourselves. Hence we find even less time for our fishes. But, if you have fish feeder installed in your fish tank then you won’t have to worry about feeding your fishes at regular intervals. It will do its job and your fishes won’t have to face the brunt of your busy schedule.

10. Fish Medications

You cannot even think of getting a fish tank without having fish medications. Anti-bacterial medication, Anti-fungal medication, Multi-Purpose Medication are some of the most important supplies that you need for your first fish tank.

supplies for your fish tank

So, these were the most important supplies for your fish tank that you just cannot ignore.