7 Smartest Dog Breeds in the World

Dogs as pets are one of the most adorable little beings. Whenever you see a puppy video online, you might wonder how they learn such tricks? Though owners train their dogs some essential commands from an early age, learning tricks also depends on different breeds. Some dog breeds are smarter than others, and that makes them easier to train. Training a puppy is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy and helps them socialize with people. Since training occupies a lot of time, a smarter dog can reduce the effort. Hence, we have made a list of the smartest dog breeds in the World, so it becomes easier for you to choose your pet dog wisely. 

Smartest Dog Breeds in the World collage image

Smartest Dog Breeds in the World

Border Collie

We challenge you to name one thing that they can’t do. If perfection has a definition, it is Border Collie. They have proficient socializing and guarding skills, quick learning maneuver, and an appealing personality. All these add up, making Border Collie the smartest dog breeds in the World. 


A Poodle is a beauty with brains. You will hardly come across a poodle that isn’t well mannered and obedient. A Poodle is smart enough to know when to bark and when not to, as they are instinctive. From a young age, you will see the eagerness to learn and explore new things in a Poodle. And if you like traveling with your dogs, a poodle is the best companion you can ask for in a pet. 

Golden Retriever

Most people adopt Golden Retrievers because of their cute faces and furry body. However, they are much more than adorable faces. One of the smartest dog breeds in the World, Golden Retrievers are well known for their perception of human emotion. Golen Retrievers have outstanding social skills and are tender around everyone. since they are perceptive and trainable, most of the emotional support dogs are Golden Retrievers. 

German Shepherd

Though many people assume that German Shepherds are aggressive, they are smarter than you think. German Shepherds are protective and make exceptional guard dogs. Most police dogs and guard dogs constitute German Shepherds as they are trainable, loyal, protective, and sniffing capability. 

Doberman Pinscher

In our list of the smartest dog breeds in the World, a Doberman is the one that knows it all. They are born fearless and intelligent, and their ability to learn new tricks is unbelievable. Though Dobermans are naturally more aggressive than the other dogs on our list, they are more confident and obedient than others. 

Labrador Retriever

The skyrocketing demand for them is living proof of how intelligent and friendly they are as a pet. Labradors as pets are easily trainable, and you can start training them from a young age. You don’t need a trainer to train a Labrador as they love impressing their owners and obey you. Labradors are naturally very friendly with people and children. You don’t need to teach them social skills because they have an instinct that makes them gentle and caring around kids and people. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

If you’re judging a dog’s intelligence by its ability to learn tricks, no one can do it better than a Corgi. Small bodies but big brains, a Corgi will never disappoint you while training. Corgis are excellent watchdogs as they are athletic, faithful, and protective. 

So these are some of the smartest dog breeds in the World. If you have to adopt a dog, these listed dogs can make your life easier. Dogs are an essential part of the family. An intelligent dog can support you emotionally when you need, and be by your side always. After all, dogs are Nature’s most pleasant gift to us.