Simple Hacks to care for Finches

Finches, the cutest pair of wings you can get as a pet. These are adorable little birdies, and you can’t just stop cuddling these cute little creatures! So, you bought a Finch, and you are an excited bird parent as you browse the internet all day to get some correct information about your new pet bird.

But don’t you worry, we will give you all the information on how to take care of finches, food for finches, and all your other queries answered by people who are already a proud parent of some finches.

Word of mouth by our Experts

Are finches easy to take care of?

Yes, you will face no problem while taking care of the finches. However, you need to feed them daily and give them proper attention.

Can a finch live alone?

A Finch can live alone, but it is advisable if you get a pair of finches so that they don’t feel lonely. A lonely Finch can get depressed, so it is always better to get them in pairs.

However, if you are unable to get them in pairs due to unavoidable circumstances, then give them proper attention and don’t let them feel lonely.

Can you tame finches?

You can hand-tame finches, enough to let them out and clean them, but not enough to set them free. Even if you let them roam in the house, the chances of them flying off are less.

What should I feed my finches?

Veggies like carrots, spinach, broccoli, tomato, carrots, and winter squash are the best choice of food for your finches. But, it is better if you can consult a specialist before feeding them anything.

Tips on how to care for finches

A cage that feels like home

Purchase a cage that allows your finches to fly and settle down comfortably. Remember how it felt during the lockdown, unable to go anywhere? Yes? Then make sure your little birdie doesn’t feel the same thing.

When you get the cage, make sure you clean them once a week to ensure proper hygiene and health of your finches.

Give them some sunshine

Sunshine is essential to ensure the proper growth of finches, so they will enjoy sunbathing once in a while. But that doesn’t mean you will expose these small little birds to direct sunlight. Select a spot with some shade and some sunlight, and place their cage in that spot. Believe us. Your pet finch will love it!

A proper diet

To ensure that you are accurately taking care of finches, be aware of what you feed them.

About 70% of their diet should include pellets, and the rest 30% should consist of fresh fruits, veggies, and some seeds.

You can feed them veggies like carrots, spinach, broccoli, tomato, carrots, and winter squash.

Pears, apple, peach, banana, raspberries, pumpkins, melons, and strawberries are some fruits that are best suitable for finches.

Sunflower seeds and millets are safe for your little birdie to eat.

These are some initial steps you can follow as a new Finch owner. Though Finches are very handy and won’t cause you any trouble, you must pay attention to them, especially the first few days. If you notice some unusual behavior like coughing or heavy breathing, or a change in any behavioral pattern, we suggest consulting an expert immediately. Oh, and don’t forget to cuddle these babies on behalf of us!