Signs that tell your Cat loves you

While we all love it when out feline pets tell us that they love us. However it is very different to how Dogs or Humans say it. Dogs have a very obvious way to telling you that they love you. Whereas with Cats it is so different. They aren’t as expressive like their canine counterparts; however they too have ways to tell you that they love you. If you are confused understanding Cat signs and want to know does your Cat loves you then read below.

Understanding Cat signs.

Understanding Cat signs when they say that they love you

  • Kneading: Does your Cat kneed you often before going for a nap. While you might think that it is because they are trying to make you soft, but they are actually trying to say that they love you. Cats knead their Mom’s belly for milk and when they grow up they do it to feel the same love and nostalgia. So, if they do it to you, they are trying to say that they love you.
  • Treat them often: It’s a very simple psychology. Do not forces feed your cat? Let them do the sniffing and give them a treat is there is any positive response like licking. Giving lots of treat shall make your Dog feel more happier and also that he is in a place where he gets lots of good stuffs.
  • Full body rumble Purrs: Cat Purrs means a lot of things, but when you hear that full bodied rumble purrs, then your Cat is trying to tell you that they love you.
  • Head Butting: When your Cat Head butts you, it means that they are putting their face pheromones on your face, which is an expression of love.
  • Love bites: If your cat is biting you, it is actually their love bite. A Love bite of a Cat shall tickle you.
  • Tail twitch: When their Tail twitches at the end, it tells you that they are happy and peaceful.
  • Shows you her tummy: If your Cat shows you her tummy, while rolling on the bed, that means they trust you.
  • Licks you: If your Cat licks you then they trust you and love you.
  • Slow blink: If your Cat is slowly blinking at you that mean that they love you.

Cat Head Butting

So, these were some Signs that tell your Cat loves you. So, from now on be a look out for these. These shall say that your Cat loves you.