Signs that reveal that your Cat might be sick

Are you wondering if your Cat might be sick? Cat illness is fairly difficult to diagnose by us. It is because they cannot explain it and you do not understand whether they are just distant or sick. Listed below are some Signs that tell you that your Cat might be ill and suffering from some Cat illness. Read more below.

Signs that tell your Cat might be sick

Signs that tell your Cat might be sick

Blood in their stool or urine

If you ever see that your Cat is visiting the Litter box quite often and there is blood in their urine of stool, you need to visit your Vet. Blood in Urinate can be from urine infection or even some parasitic infections.

Not using the litter box

When your Cat is not using the litter box and then suddenly just pooping everywhere, then they might be suffering from some kind of Kidney disease or some urinary infections. They might also have bladder stones.

Straining while urination

If your Cat appears to be in Pain to she is straining herself while she is urinating, then it means that she might have developed some kind of blockage in the urinary tract. You need to address this issue immediately and take her to a vet for checkup.

Refusing to Eat

If your Cat refuses you when you serve them with food or Milk then it simply means that your Cat needs to see a Vet. She might be in some kind of Pain, which she cannot communicate to you about.

Stiffness in Cats

If your Cat is getting stiff or is limping then they can be having some problem with mobility or they might be sick. You need to visit your Vet soon to rule out any cat illness.

Cat might be sick

So, these were some of the Signs which tell you that your Cat might be sick. So, from now keep a notice of these signs and take them to a vet if you notice them at any point of time.