5 Hilarious Reasons why Dogs give “Disapproving Glare”

 Life with dogs is a fun rollercoaster ride. Though they can’t speak like humans, they express emotions in their own way. We are sure you might have come across their famous disapproving glare.

Many new pet parents don’t understand the reasons why dogs give disapproving glare, but we got you.

As you start your life with your dog, your pet will do hilarious things with you. All the fun activities and playtime with your dog are the best until you receive a disapproving glare.

Don’t worry and don’t panic, because your dog won’t leave you. We have listed some of the things that might make your dog give a disapproving glare. So read up, and find out your reason. 

pet dog giving disapproving glare collage with text in the middle

Reasons why dogs give disapproving glare

You did something stupid

As you know, after owning a dog, our entire personality changes. We forget how to talk and speak like a kid. And sometimes our accent gets to dogs! You might notice this yourself, and if not, you can try it out. It is never late to mess up with our dogs!

You are not sharing the food

“Joey doesn’t share his food” gets a whole new meaning when you have a dog. Reason being that you can’t share all the humans’ food with dogs because it can be toxic for them. But, your dog doesn’t know that, and hence they will stare at your plate with those puppy dog eyes. And when you still won’t give in, there comes the disapproving glare.

Petting some other animals

Let’s face it some dogs can be incredibly jealous, and they don’t like sharing. Though some dogs are unaffected if you pet other animals, other dogs might take it seriously. Hence, one of the reasons why dogs give disapproving glare might be your love for other animals.

They are copying you

Yes, you heard that right! Sometimes dogs copy our actions, and this can transform into a disapproving glare as well. Remember the time you glared at them for doing something? Well, look how tables have turned.

For the gram and glam

Many dogs learn that they have to do some tricks when their humans pick up the camera. It is not specifically any part of training, but it’s something they pick up. Some dogs might shy away from the camera, and some might put up a show. So if your dog is giving a disapproving glare, they are doing it for some clicks.

Do dogs understand our feelings? 

Yes, dogs can sense human emotions and expressions. For the very same reason, most people prefer dogs for emotional support and service animals.

Does a dog’s disapproving glare mean they don’t love us?

One of the prominent reasons why dogs give disapproving glare is for fun or playful reasons. They might want something from you, but don’t worry, they love you all the same.

Do dogs understand that they are scolded?

Though dogs might understand that you are angry with them, but they might not know the reason. Moreover, trainers often suggest people avoid scolding dogs during training because your dog might get scared. 

Are dogs great service animals?

One of the best service animals you can have around you is a dog. They are super easy to train and are loyal to their owners. 

Why do dogs tilt their head when you talk to them?

Tilting heads is a way for dogs to analyze the sound source. And it also means that your dog is listening to you attentively. 

There are many reasons why dogs give disapproving glare, and they might even do it for your attention. Dogs are social creatures, and they adapt to our way of living, so next time you see your dog giving a disapproving glare, you don’t have to worry because they always love their owners.