12 Reasons you should not get a Labrador

When you get Labrador as a pet, your life changes upside down. Adopting a Labrador is like welcoming a new family member to your home. They come into your life, and they will love you their whole life. However, when you get a Labrador, some various pros and cons come with them too. You might read about everything you need to know about Labradors, but there are some reasons not to get a Labrador.

Adopting a dog means a lot of responsibility and accepting their behavior as it is. If you know the reasons not to get a Labrador, you can understand if this specific breed is suitable for your home or not. Hence, we have listed all the possible reasons not to get a Labrador so that every new owner gets an insight into this breed. 

Reasons you should not get a Labrador

Reasons you should not get a Labrador

  1. One of the reasons not to get a Labrador is that they are way too friendly. If you are looking for a guard dog who will protect your house, Labradors are not the best choice as they can be friends with anyone. 
  2. Labradors chew a lot! Though every puppy is prone to chewing, Labradors take a lot of time to get out of the chewing phase. Sometimes, they stay in that phase for the rest of their lives. 
  3. Labradors can be immature even after growing up. Some owners will tell you that Labradors never really grow up. They will grow physically, but your labrador puppy will always be childish. 
  4. Your Labrador can be unhygienic. Labradors love playing around with mud and chew on everything. Maintaining proper hygiene with a Labrador is next to impossible. 
  5. A Labrador can create a mess at your home. Though Labradors are easy to train, they can be messy at times. They can splash water, tear things down, and chew! 
  6. As a Labrador owner, you have to give them a lot of attention. If you are someone who is busy with work, this is one of the top reasons not to get a labrador. 
  7. Labradors as pets require a lot of exercise and playtime. You have to invest proper time for their playtime, or they might get stressed. 
  8. Separation anxiety is one of the issues your Labrador can develop if you don’t spend enough time with them. Hence, it might get difficult to leave them alone, which is not possible at times. 
  9. Raising a Labrador as a pet can be expensive. Their treats, dog food, medicines, clothes, and so on can cost more than you expect. 
  10. Genetically speaking, Labradors are prone to a lot of health issues. They can acquire diseases like osteochondritis dissecans, canine hip dysplasia, Centronuclear myopathy. 
  11. Labradors have a habit of masking their pain. It is generally hard to tell if your Labrador is in pain or not. Though it may not seem like an issue, any disease can be hard to diagnose in this case.  
  12. Labradors don’t understand the concept of personal space. They will climb to your bed or sofas and sit with you, sleep with you. Many dog owners love this behavior, but many find it irritating. So if you cannot tolerate them invading your space, that’s a reason not to get a Labrador. 

You may find there are many reasons not to get a Labrador. But, let us give you a bit of personal advice from our experience. Labradors might have cons, but they are great companions. They will listen to you, hug you when you have to cry, and sometimes they will also give you kisses. However, kindly keep in mind these reasons not to get a Labrador so that you know what you’re getting as a pet. And if these reasons couldn’t convince you, then you should definitely adopt a Labrador.