Reasons and Tips on Homemade Cat Food for your feline baby

Feeding your cat homemade cat food is undoubtedly more healthy and beneficial for your cat. You are in charge of what you are feeding your cat you get to choose the exact minerals and vitamins which you want to feed your furry baby. Moreover when you make homemade food for cat you do not need to worry about artificial sweeteners and preservatives (which are extremely harmful).

Here we will discuss the reasons on why you should go for homemade cat food and things which you should keep in mind while making homemade food for your cat.

Homemade Cat Food

Reasons and Tips on Homemade Cat Food

Homemade cat food must definitely have adequate amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fat.

  • Protein: You Cat should surely meet with his daily protein intake. You can use dark meat such as pork, lamb, chicken or beef or even fishes like salmon or tuna to meet with his protein intake. This way the amino acids like taurine and arginine are becoming a major part of his diet.
  • Carbohydrates: Food items like a cup of rice or corn is an excellent source of carb but you must make sure you don’t overdo it. Since a cat doesn’t need too much carb in his diet.
  • Don’t Feed your cat raw food: There are few people who think that raw food is good for cat but is absolutely not true. You should be aware of Zoonotic (which is a contagious disease) which spreads from animals to humans. Moreover there could be bacterial contamination because you don’t really know where the meat comes from.
  • Canned food is way overpriced: This is a serious issue and we can’t ignore it. On the other hand, homemade food for cat is so inexpensive. It’s like you could feed two cats with the same money if you make cat food at your home.

Don’t Feed your cat raw food

So these were some tips on homemade food for cat which you can surely try out. If you need more nutritional guidelines for cat food then you can get that through the American Association of Feed Control.