4 Pros and Cons about Owning Degus as pets

Degus as pets are amazing little furballs that will make your day. Since they are easy to care for, many experts recommend Degus for beginners. However, there are some pros and cons of owning Degus as pets that you should know beforehand.

After personally talking to some pet owners with Degus, we listed some pros and cons of owning Degus as pets. So if you are planning to bring these cute babies into your life, you should know the pros and cons of owning Degus as pets.

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Pros of Owning Degus as pets: 

  • Caring for them is a piece of cake: Caring for Degus as pets is an easy task, even for beginners. You don’t have to worry about their food or cleanliness. You can also leave them alone at home for long hours, and they will be fine. 
  • No bath requirements: One of our friend who owns Degus shared that she never have to worry about the pet’s bathing routine. They don’t get dirty, and even if they do, they clean themselves. You don’t have to rush with water and a towel and freak out about cleaning them. 
  • Good at socializing and making friends: If you have other pets at home, you can still own a Degu. They don’t seem to mind the presence of other animals at home. Your pets might take a day or so to get along with each other, but once they do, they will love playing together. 
  • Degus are affectionate and loving: Degus love being around their owners. They show love to their owners and are friendly with children as well. Though Degus have a habit of chewing everything, you will never have to worry about them biting you or your children. Degus are affectionate, loving, and caring and will never hurt anyone they love. 

Cons of owning Degus as pets: 

They need food all the time: 

Degus should have a supply of hay or grass available to them all day long. Though this might not seem like a task, you have to check up on the hay twice every day. Since you need fresh grass every day, it might be a task fr many owners as fresh grass isn’t available to everyone. 

You have to get accustomed to the smell of their urine: 

You can train your Degus to excrete in a given space. However, you can’t get rid of the smell of their urine. You can spray air fresheners, but the truth is, their cage will smell of urine. So the only option is to get accustomed to the smell of urine, which is a drawback for many pet owners.  

Degus chew everything: 

If you think that you can handle their chewing, think again. Degus have the habit of chewing everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wire or a slipper Degus doesn’t discriminate while chewing. So you have to protect your things from their teeth. 

Degus are attention seekers: 

Degus loves attention and affection from their owners. Since they are social animals, they love spending time with their owners. For the very same reason, you can never keep Degu alone. It is advisable to keep a pair or a group of Degus together. However, not every owner is comfortable with having a group of Degus at home. 

Since you are at the end of our list of pros and cons of owning Degus as pets, we are sure that you now know more about these cute naughty babies. Despite their cons, Degus are a lovable companion. So, don’t think much about the pros and cons of owning Degus as pets and adopt one now.