4 Pros and Cons of Owning Hamsters

Owning a pet hamster and caring for them is an easy task. People consider hamsters as one of the best beginner-friendly pets due to the ease of handling them. However, there are pros and cons of owning hamsters that you might not know. Many people make rash decisions before adopting a pet and then end up giving up on the pet. Some are not ready, some want to adopt a different pet, and some don’t connect with their pet hamster. Hence we are listing down some pros and cons of owning hamsters for all the new pet parents considering adopting them.

Pros and Cons of Owning Hamsters

hamster on hand

Advantages of Pet Hamsters

Easy caretaking

There is no more surpassing advantage of keeping a pet than the ease of caring for them. Caring for a hamster is an easy task, and hence hamsters are one of the most popular beginner-friendly pets.

Less Space

Hamsters require a small space to live. A hamster’s cage can be vast, but its cage will only occupy a portion of your house. They will eat in there, excrete in there, and even play in that space. Hamsters are the perfect choice for people living in an apartment or a small house.

Inexpensive Food

Let’s face it, a portion of your money will drain on high-quality food if you have a dog or cat as a pet. However, that’s not the case with hamsters. Hamsters require hay, fruits, and pebbles as food that are inexpensive. Also, hamsters don’t eat a lot that means the food will last a long time.

No bathing hassle

Another advantage of having a hamster as a pet is that you don’t have to clean them as hamsters groom themselves. You might bathe your hamsters with a damp towel, but that can happen once a month.

Disadvantages of Pet Hamsters

Frequent cleaning

One of the disadvantages of owning pet hamsters is that their cage gets smelly. Since hamsters play, excrete, and eat in that coop, they can get stinky. You might have to clean the cage more often than you realized.
Some pet parents say that they have to clean the coop thrice a week to avoid the smell.

No emotional connection

Hamsters are easy pets, no doubt, but they lack an emotional attachment.
If you get a dog or a cat, you can bond with your pet. If you want an emotional connection with your pet, hamsters might not be the one for you.

They have a short life

You can’t ignore the fact that hamsters only live up to 3-5 years. Many pet parents find it heartbreaking when their pets don’t live long enough.


One thing you should know before bringing a hamster is that they breed very fast. You won’t even realize the time your hamsters had kids. Many pet parents complain that they adopt two hamsters, and within a month, they become a family.
For many parents, this might seem like a blessing. But others have an issue regarding their bedding and cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can hamsters eat fruits?

Hamsters can eat fruits without the seed. However, some fruits like grapes are harmful to your pets.

Why does my hamster sleeps when I pet him?

If your hamster sleeps while you’re petting them, that means your hamster loves and trusts you.

Can I keep hamsters with dogs?

You can keep hamsters and dogs together, but kindly make sure that your dog doesn’t harm them. On the first few days, keep your dog and hamster in separate rooms. You can apply the same method if you have a pet cat at home.

Are hamsters friendly?

Hamsters are social creatures who like being in the company of others. They can become friends with anyone in a matter of seconds.

Do Hamsters need a cage?

Yes, hamsters need a cage to keep them safe. Even if you are letting them out of the coop, make sure you pet-proof the house.

There are pros and cons to owning hamsters, but in the end, it is your decision. If you want to keep hamsters, there is nothing stopping you from adopting these little fluffies.