4 Pros and Cons of adopting a cat

Cats as pets come into your life to make your life like a movie. There won’t be a day when you will get bored of having a cat. Long story short, it’s a remarkable experience. Many people say that cats don’t make a good pet, but that theory depends on you. There are various pros and cons of owning a cat that you might be unaware of before adopting a cat. Some owners don’t even know what they’re getting themselves into while adopting cats. It is essential for you to know the pros and cons of adopting a cat before bringing them into your lives. Hence, after talking to some cat owners, we have listed down the pros and cons of adopting a cat.

Cats or dogs, which one is the better pet?

There is a long debate on cats vs. dogs. Dogs are messier, playful, and loving.
Cats are lazy, clean, and cuddly. Moreover, you can keep both dogs and cats as pets.

Can cats be service animals?

No, only dogs can be service animals. You can train your cat, but only dogs can be qualified.

Are cats good house pets?

Cats as pets are exceptional. They are trainable, playful, and loyal. Also, cats don’t need outdoor exercise as much as dogs.

Pros and cons of adopting a cat

Advantages of adopting a cat

Less bath, less trouble

One of the advantages of adopting a cat is that they don’t need frequent baths. Cats can clean themselves and don’t need water baths.
However, you might have to give them dry baths and occasionally wet baths.

Self entertainers

Cats don’t need you to be with them 24*7. Even when you are working or out for some meeting, cats can live alone and entertain themselves. Obviously, cats love playing with their owners. But, if you have some work, your cat will understand that.

Less noisy

If you want a pet that’s calm, cats can be the perfect choice for you. They don’t make loud noises that can be perfect if you have small kids or a quiet neighborhood.


Cats don’t need a lot of space to move around. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a flat or home; cats always save space.
In addition to that, cats give you your personal space. They will rarely disturb you while you’re working, and they understand the concept of personal space.

Disadvantages of adopting a cat

Aloof creatures

Though cats understand the concept of personal space, they need their space too. That means, sometimes they don’t want you to hug them, and in another moment, your cat will be a cuddly bear.
Hence, cats can come off as aloof creatures to some pet parents.

Scratching and Teething

It says without going that cats love scratching random stuff at your house. They like playing around with their nails, so beware of it. They might even destroy your favorite soft toy and cushion covers.

Smelly Litter Box

If there’s one thing pet parents are tired of doing is cleaning the litter box. Since cats excrete in their litter box, it’s bound to get smelly. Many owners complain that even after cleaning the box every day, it still manages to stink.

Lazy Babies

Cats are lazy, and that might be a relief for some. However, if you want a pet to play around with you, cats might not be the best choice. They love staying at home, licking themselves, and play with their owners when they feel like it.

Do cats need grooming?

Though cats don’t need regular bathing, kindly groom them daily or thrice a week. Brushing a cat’s hair can prevent them from fleas.

Do cats have a favorite person?

Yes, cats have a favorite person, and they will keep hanging out with their person. If you bond with your cat, they will make you their person.

There are many pros and cons of adopting a cat, but if you feel like you’re ready, then kindly adopt one. Believe us, adopting a cat is a decision that you’ll never regret in your life.