Wanna Play With Your Rabbit? Fun Tips on How to Play With Your Rabbit

Rabbits make great pets. However, most people complain as they do not know how to play with their Rabbits. Do you too feel the same? Do not worry. Here are some chosen tricks which will get your Rabbit to Play with You. Playing with Your Rabbit will be so much fun, that you would want to do it always. However, I suggest that you should give your Rabbit their personal space and not force them to play with you. Rabbits would want to play during Dawn and Dusk.

They spend time sleeping, eating and grooming themselves during the day. Only during early morning and evening, they are active. You would know your Rabbit wants to play when they run around your feet or get out of their cage on their own or tug your trousers sleeves. Keep their cage open during Playing times so that they can choose to go in or come out as per their will. Training Your Rabbit to play with you is also a great option. Soon, Rabbits will get used to playtimes and will respond better to schedules. So, without delay let us check out these ideas on playing with your Rabbit.

Image by cristty from Pixabay

Playing With Your Rabbit

Bring Rabbit Toys from the Pet Store

Rabbits respond well to Rabbit toys. These days there are particularly great logical toys available in the markets. You can buy these toys and play with your Rabbits. Or else you could just give them a ball so that they can chase after it. You can also give shredded paper or straws to your Rabbit. Rabbits love to shred Papers and they can go on doing this for hours. The best part is when they get bored shredding papers or cardboards, they will burrow under it and rest.

Play Knock over games with them

Bowling Pins are an especially favourite game for Rabbits. You could your Child’s Bowling Pin and make an arrangement around her cage and watch her knock these over. It’s really fun!

Play Fetch with Your Rabbit

Rabbits have a predator instinct. So, you could keep things at a distance and get them to get it. Although they won’t play fetch as Dogs do, They will rather keep the ball with them and explore it. Or they might steal a ball you have in your hand. This is a typical Rabbit tendency.

Play with Toilet Paper Rolls

Playing With Your Rabbit

Bunnies love Playing with Toilet Paper Rolls or Paper Towels. You could also fill these with Hay and your Bunny will be so happy and shall be playing with it a lot.

Be Patient With Your Bunny

Rabbits are generally Predators. So, they have an aloof nature. You might see that sometimes Bunnies can be Playful if they are trained well, but once they grow older, they might not be interested. This is natural adult behaviour. To get your Rabbit to play with you, talk to her softly and encourage her to come out of her cage by luring with treats. Also, be patient and introduce them to toys as per their personality. If there is a negative response or no respite to a toy, get a new one and keep at it, unless your Rabbit finds her ideal toy.

So, these were tips on Playing with Your Rabbit. It’s really fun to play with Rabbits. They are really Playful and Fun Pets. So, train your Rabbits to Play with you and always be patient in your endeavours.

Playing With Your Rabbit