Master the Art of Owning a Pet Dove | Caring for a Pet Dove

Owning a pet dove is a dream come true for many bird lovers, but with love comes responsibility. Symbol of pure love, elegantly beautiful; doves are sure to bring peace and tranquility to your home. One cannot just stop looking at these gorgeous birdies, and you can’t get enough of their beauty.

If you are a new parent of a lovely dove, or you are thinking of getting a dove to shower your love upon them, then you need to be prepared beforehand.

So to reduce your stress, we have some tips, tricks, and some FAQs about taking care of a pet dove.

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Word of mouth by our Experts:

Can you keep a dove as a pet?

Yes, one can keep a dove as a pet, but like any other bird, they also require proper love and attention.

Do Diamond doves make good pets?

Doves can make an ideal pet, but you should avoid getting a dove if you have children at home. Children tend to get excited and might want to hold the bird carelessly that can cause injuries to your dove.

Do doves like to be petted?

You can pet your dove as long as you don’t hurt them. Doves are very cuddly little birdies, and they love cuddling with their owners. But don’t force-pet them; give them their space if they want some.

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Things to know before owning a pet dove:

Feeding requirements of a Dove:

It is very crucial to know what to feed your pet before welcoming them to your home.

Their diet should consist of 50% of birdseed, which is readily available in markets both offline and online.

The other 50% should be vegetables that are safe for a dove’s diet like broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, beets, and tomatoes.

You can also feed them fruit, but not daily. Doves can eat fruits like melons, kiwi, and berries once in every week.

Sufficient drinking water:

Make sure you provide them with clean drinking water. Water should be available to them all the time, even at night in a bowl. It is also essential that you replace the water daily and fill the bowl with fresh water.

Pair or single?

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Doves need a partner for themselves. Therefore, it is suitable to get doves in pairs.

A Dove is very delicate, so you cannot pair them with any other birds like pigeons or finches.

It is not necessary that you have to get a companion of the opposite gender, a companion of the same gender will also do. If you are not getting them a companion, then do not leave them alone for long hours.

A cage suitable for their size:

Get a cage big enough for them to stretch themselves. Doves have a fragile body, so if you don’t get a cage big enough for their size, then they might hurt their wings.

Owning a pet dove can prove to be the most delightful experience of your life. We are sure that if you follow these steps, nothing can come between the love of you and your pet-dove. Be patient, and give lots of love to your dove.