8 Most Popular Pets to adopt in 2021

Pets are one of the most beautiful things that will happen in your life. When you adopt a pet, you also bring home a truckload of happiness with you. But sometimes, pet owners get confused as to what pet they should be bringing home. But don’t worry, because we are bringing you a list of the most popular pets to adopt. The benefit of adopting a popular pet is that you gain insight from the internet, as well as your neighborhood. So read on to find out which one of these popular pets is for your home!

Most Popular Pets to have in 2021


No other pet can possibly compete with the popularity of dogs around the world. Dogs as pets are playful, protective, and loving. Dogs as service animals also help people with anxiety and depression. So, there are also health benefits of owning a dog. With some training, you and your dog will have a great time together.


The second most popular pets are the cat, and it’s also reasonable! Cats require less space than dogs, can clean themselves, entertain themselves, and are cute.
Many people prefer dogs over cats as they don’t require as much attention as a dog.


If you want a beginner-friendly pet, fish would be your go-to pet. Fishes can survive with minimal effort from their owners. You only need to clean the fish tank once a month and feed them daily, and your pet fish will be happy.


Yes, that is right! You can adopt a horse as a pet as long as you can provide for them. Though keeping a horse requires a lot of effort and money, people love these cute animals. However, you have to make sure that you have enough space in your backyard for a horse.


If you want a pet that can love you and are inexpensive to own, then a bird is the right choice for you. Birds are exceptional pets, especially if you have kids. Some birds, like parrots, also learn some human words and communicate with their owners. Isn’t that marvelous?


If you aren’t a reptile lover, don’t creep out because snakes make an exceptional pet. There is a rise in the popularity of snakes because they don’t require much effort, and they live in a vivarium. Snakes eat twice or thrice a week and some water.

Guinea pigs

The list of most popular pets isn’t complete without mentioning Guinea pigs. While all the small animals are gaining popularity, guinea pigs have a special place in hearts. You don’t require any experience in raising guinea pigs as they are best for beginners.
Even if you’re working, you can care for a guinea pig as you can leave them alone for hours with proper food and water.

Pet Snail

If you’re wondering how did snails end up on this list, we’ll tell you. Snails as pets are one of the most manageable pets you can adopt. Snails don’t need much time and attention from you. In fact, in some countries, people consider snails as a lucky charm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are dogs so popular?

The reason behind a dog’s popularity is its connection with humans. Dogs can understand humans and bond with them like no other pet. And their wagging tails and puppy dog eyes adds the cherry on the top.

What pet is the cleanest?

If you want a pet that can clean itself, the best pet would be a cat. Cats love cleanliness. They not only clean themselves but also keep their surroundings tidy.

Do rodents smell?

If you keep a rodent as a pet, you have to be used to the smell. Despite cleaning the cages regularly, many rodent pet owners complain that it still gives out a stench.
However, if you want a pet rodent that smells the least, chinchillas can be the right choice for you.

Can I leave my pets alone at home?

You can leave your pets at home. However, some pets develop separation anxiety, and it’s not a good idea to leave them alone for long hours.

Can pets get depressed?

Yes, pets can get depressed, especially dogs and cats. If they feel unloved or like you don’t want them around, your pets might get depression.

After going through this list of the most popular pets, we are sure you might have found the right one for you. Pets bring happiness to your life, so don’t forget to make them happy too.